Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Love Gregory Peck!

Only two hundred words left for this week. I have been developing a throbbing head ache due to I believe my above average sugar consumption(read previous post about my new liking for mountain Dew) and always staring at the computer screen or TV most of the times both at once like now. I am not ashamed to say that I have been running my own Smallville mararthon. Tom Welling is such a hottie!!! Not just him but I am seriously considering joining the I love Gregory Peck fan club. I’m not positive if it should be the Gregory Peck fanclub or Atticus fan club. I am technically in love with The Gregory peck that plays Atticus. I am going to close this a few maybe fifty words short of my goal. I trust no one will turn me in and my teacher will have better things to do than read all my posts.

Mountain Dew?!

I am breaking away from the books for a second here and moving on to sugary drinks also known as Mountain Dew. I normally have no cravings for Mountain Dew in fact quite the opposite I find the original melony and slightly lemony with a killer caffeine and sugar kick kind of revolting. I am usually sure not drink more than the occasional one once a month and usually not even that, the reason behind this carefulness is despite its immediate disgusting taste it can become strangely addicting and a Mountain Dew addiction is the last thing I need. The reason I even bother to bring up my distaste for this popular drink is that I find the new World of war Craft Mountain Dew flavors quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t have even tried these new flavors is my parents recently held a dinner party without me I may add and some kind guests brought a pack of the red kind with the ugly troll slash Orc (from LOTR: Lord Of The Rings) creature on it. After my dad and I both developed a liking for it we also bought the blue kind with the strange skimpily clad and clearly full of sex appeal for the guys elf like creature too. After some extensive taste testing it became clear that the red toll/Orc one was obviously superior in taste. Now all of these pop related occurrences are what lead me to my real point of this blog today. Why in the world would they put the uglier creature on the red pop if the red one is so clearly better than the blue?! I have seen the commercials where the two different customers each buy the different flavor and transform into the represented monster to battle out their differences. From this commercial we all learn that you become what you drink not meaning the pop itself but the assigned mascot for the flavor your either a troll or an elf. It doesn’t take a genius to find out that the majority of the population would choose the elf. So naturally I felt quite indignant when unwilling to sacrifice imaginary looks for taste I always chose to be the troll. WTF!! I don’t want to be a Troll I want to drink my favorite flavor and be a beautiful elf while I’m at it! What were the Mountain Dew people thinking?! If anyone else is as passionate on this issue as I am this is where I’d tell you to be proactive and do something about it but naturally since I would never do that and it seems pointless I will tell you to let your frustration boil and build up inside you and feel you helplessness on the issue and be a troll for the rest of your life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just One Wish

Just one wish is about Anika Truman, who travels to Hollywood to find Steve Raleigh, a popular young actor, star of the Teen Robinhood series. Anika wants to convince Steve to accompany her back to her home to visit her sick younger brother who has cancer and wants to see the teen robin Hood before he has surgery. Those are the circumstances in a nut shell but it's actually a little more complicated. Anika convinces her brother that he has a magic genie and gets three wishes only if he uses the last one to wish himself better. He uses the first one on an action figure and the second one is to meet the Teen Robinhood. Anika is a strong-willed and pretty girl who is used to getting her way or making things happen. She and her friend sneak on set and reak havok upon the set. Theyr'e eventualy caught and her friend is sent home while she is kept for questioning. To avoid capture or any possible police involvement she plots a daring escape from Raleigh's trailer (where she is being held captive) Steve and everyone chase her around for awhile until they agree not to call the police. Once she explains herself and her reasons to them Steve offers to make a charitable donation but is too busy to visit her brother. Anika challenges the Teen Robinhood to an archery contest if she wins he has to come with her if he does she will leave him alone, reluctantly he agrees. Anika wins (she is captain of her school archery club) and holds Steve to his word. They share an eventful drive filled with romance, paparazi evasions and broken cars (due to the paparzi evsion tactic used). Steve has to call his estranged family for help where they stay for the night. In the morning Steve say's he has to get back to location and can't visit her brother untill after the surgery (the agreeement was she only had Steve for that day). Anika is forced to go back home empty handed untill Steve shows up much to her surprise(he canceled shooting that day) in full Robinhood get up. He hangs out with Anika's little brother and her family and they share a romantic parting till her brother interupts using his last wish not for himself as was agreed but on everyone else. This off sets Anika but Steve convinces her that it will be ok (they are officially dating by now). The next day after the surgery they find out that the surgery wasn't that successful and her little brother ony has a little while longer to live. Steve shows up at the hospital as priorly arranged and comforts Anika. It was a happy ending with a twist of tragedy. Anika got a hot boyfriend and agrees to make her little brother enjoy his last days.