Saturday, May 15, 2010

Center Stage

Center Stage is a dance movie I am currently watching with my sister. It is about ABC, American Ballet Company. There are basically fourish six ish main characters but the main main one is Jody. She gets accespted into the academy even though she is worse than everyone else and has to try harder than them all. Charlie who is a promising young male dancer likes Jody but Jody likes Cooper a widely acclaimed talented young dancer. Cooper plays with Jody makes her love him and dumps her, making Charlie hate him. Eva is Jody's best friend she is a extremely talented dancer but her attitude prevents her from getting her big chance. Maureen is the best female dancer(Eva and her are both almost equally good) she has a overprotective and overbearing, nasty mother and is stuck up. The three girls share a room. Maureen falls in love with a handsome young med student who softens her up and she begins to be everyones friend and realizes she hates ballet. Maureen gives up her lead role in Jonothons ballet to Eva last minute because she wants to quit ballet. Jonothon is the directer but a long time ago he stole Coopers fiance and married her so the two have a big grudge Cooper is also a choreagrapher and Jody, Charlie and Eric are supposed to be in his ballet about a girl ballerina (Jody) both a dancer and a director is in love with her. Eric is a male ballet dance in their group who injures himself right before the preformance so Cooper has to take his place in his own ballet. Serge is a Russian who is also in their group has the main male lead in Jonothon's ballet gets into another company entirely the same as his girlfriend. In the end Maureen lives happily ever after with her boyfriend, Eva got to prove herself and makes the company Charlie also makes the company. Coopeer breaks off to make his own more modern company and Jody joins his company. Jody and Charlie end up together and even though Eric was injured he makes the original company too. What makes this movie good is that they use actual dancers. Cooper Jody and Charlie are all profesional dancer in real life so when they dance they show the whole bodies andyou can tell that it's the actual person dancing. Unlike all the other dance movies where they do close ups on the face and legs so you cant tell its actually a profesional doing the dancing and not an actor. Even all the people who arent profesional they almost all have some sort of history with dancing, studying majoring or minoring in it so they all are expierienced. Two of them actually in real life are in the American Ballet Company.

Confesions Of A shopaholic

So i've been reading the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. I'll admit that this book definetly has it's amusing moments it also annoys me. Rebeca Bloomwood or later in the series after she marries Luke Rebecca Brandon is addicted to shopping. The first books centers around her relationship with luke while she fakes her way through a job as a financial consultant even though she is battling a huge debt herself. She is eventually exposed as a fraud though she manages to maintain her relationship with Luke. The other books basically do the same thing she goes through many different issues while battling her overwhelming urge to shop and trie to hang on to Luke. Before I read the books I watched the movie and I actually enjoyed it. But after reading the books the movie began irritating me too. The main character Becky as everyone calls her is just so stupid and ditzy after reading the books I became more aware of this and can no longer fully enjoy the movie. The thing is I love Luke and Becky would be fine even enjoyable if her stupidity and horrible habit was only damaging herself but I hate how it always damges Luke too and Becky being the selfish jerk she is keeps on giving in to her guilty urges even though she knows that Luke is going to suffer too. Rebecca isn't all bad the times when she is actually not being ditzy going on a shoping spree or recaounting her shoping spree for anyone who will listen or hiding all evidence of a shoping spree in a crazy scheme that will get away from her and cause everyone trouble she is actually smart. When Becky is actuall intelligent and giving good advice that actually helps Luke for a change I think they are the perfect couple. An example is in Shopaholic and Sister, after and argument with Luke Becky runs away to a forign country to find her sister.Becky didn't tell anyone she was leaving so they all freak out thinking sometyhing horrible happened to her. Beck meanwhile foolishly follows her sister up a mountain against her sister's wishs and accidentaly falls. She has to get rescued andLuke practically has a heart a side note in Shopaholic and Baby (guess what it's about!) on the back there is a picture of the author's face you usually only see her back and she looks like she belongs in high school.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My gift to my mother on her special day was a vase I had made in ceramics. In all reality it is an extremely nice vase and my sister upon seeing didn't believe that I had made it. The vase was properly shaped and recognizable as a vase and had a very cool winding root tree design on it. Natural;ly this would have been a great gift but I had brought it home a week prior to the holiday and set it out on a public table, so my mother being my mother assumed right away that the vase was automatically hers already. This made it hard to give it to her when she recieved it she said " you already gave this to me". Making me look like a selfish brat of a daughter. I had to explain that she never once heard me utter the words "here, this is for you" but as a tack on gift to redeem myself I had to add on the promise that she could also have my organic creation when it got fired. When asked what it looked like I was forced to admit that it can onluy be used as a paperweight and looked like and artistic mountain of poop slash willowy tree. You may thiink this is not attractive but in all reality I had practically the best organic pot in class I met all the standards and made it look good. It is actually a really cool piece maybe just a little abstract. But in the en to say the least mother was less than thrilled with my contributions to Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Same Stupid Jogger

So do you remember about that jogger I almost ran over who got really mad at me? I blogged about him a while ago but I think we may have noarrowly avoided tradgedy again. I think this was the same jogger and he certainly wasn't smart so this further adds to my suspicion it was the same guy. I was going down a hill at a quick clip in my truck when he comes joggin out of a side road. I know he sees me coming in quick and he knows that I can make it across quick than him but the idiot keeps jogging across the road like he owns it and cars arn't driving down the road. Silly me I actually though he was going to stop, he was going slow enough he didn't even adjust his speed meaning I didn't actually slow down becaus I though he would pause foe like a second and let me pass but no he keeps going across so that if I had actually done what I was supposed to I would have to wait in the middle of the road for him to pass whith his casual pace. But I din't do the right thing I assumed he had brains and some respect that cars were bigger and faster than himself so it got to the point that when I realized he wasn't going to stop if I slammed on my brakes I wouldn't be able to stop in time. I had to swerve right and slightly cut him off but not hit him. He again raised his hands and cussed at me as if he wasn't at fault at all.

Self Destructive

Lately I have been reading like crazy and as a result my homework quality may have dropped slightly. I've noticed this trend before from the last couple years of highschool. When it starts getting towards the end of the year I just shut down and immerse myself in books. I start making two trips a week to the library nad finishing them in one to two days flat. Last year I would get out of class and go to the school library every other day durring the free reading time she gave us to finish Of Mice and Men (I was done with it the second day I got it so I didn't need the free reading time). But this year because of a horrible library fine from a book I returned that I know for sure I returned they just lost it I am avoiding the school library and all the librarians who are semi familiar or were with my face. I also am not as entertained by the school library as I am with the public ones relating directly to the fact that the lack an adult section where I now do all of my browsing. If you are still limiting yourself to the young adult section I strongly suggest you branch out and try the adult section there is much more variety and better writting quality. Of course I don't look down on the teen section I still love Sarah Dessen and embarrassingly enough the twilight saga but I'm just saying the adult section has alot more to offer. But back to my point I don't actually know why I suddenly start reading more towards summer, it's certainly not something I consciously do I just realize after a couple of weeks and a few late assignments later that I have been reading too much. By the time I realize that I have to start reading less and focus on other things it's too late I am already addicted o the larger dose of books and to cut down would be too painful. And some of you may say its not that bad because reading is good but I can assure you that I am learning nothing from my free reading books other than Professional athletes are extremely sexy and make great husbands(this I know is a lie!) and no one waits till marriage anymore. SO as you can see I am not becoming any smarter from my destructive habit but just fooling myself that and giving my self ridiculous outlandish ideas of romance that will never come true leaving me disappointed, bitter and alone. Even with all the negative side effects though I remain pathetically addicted.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Match Me If You Can

This is a romantic comedy book. It stars Annabelle Granger, and Heath Champion. Annabelle is a big time screw up, she comes from a very successful, rich and well known family. Annabelle has just taken over her deceased grangmother's match making buisness and lives at her Grandma's old house but unfortanetly Anna has no expierience or training in the area. Heath is a goodlooking guy who grew up in the trailor parks but is now filthy rich and successful through hard work. Heath is a work obsessed but decides to hire a match maker so he can complete his life schedule of being married before a certain age and starting a family. He wants a successful, pretty and strong woman to be a perfect trophy wife no love required, he just wants the position filled. By the way Heath is one of the most predominant sports agents around. Heath hire Portia Powers to match him but decides to hire Annabelle too after she practicall begs him. Heath and Annabelle become fast friends and he soon changes her job to simply sitting in on all his ten minute matches if their her matches or Portia's because she is good at creating a converstional mood and quickly getting rid of rejects. Portia who is a very strict and professional woman hates this but has to comply to her clients wishes. Heath is trying to land a big client Dean the football star but because the athletes coach like person hates Heath's guts Dean doesn't want to get involved (due to a bad dating expierience) Dean finds out that Annabelle is friends with Dean's coachish and tries to use her to improve their relationship so he can land his client. Throughout this Heath and Annabelle's relationship strengthens and Heath often drops by her house and is filled with sexual tension. Heath decides to accompany Annabelle on a woods retreat that involves the coachish person. Over the retreat Annabelle and him share a cabin and as you can guess the inevitable happens. Annabelle is conflicted because she's supposed to be matching him with someone but soon decides it's okay shell see Heath married anyway and be done with it. Heath is slightly offended she brushed him aside so easily but after seeing how well she interacts with all his athletic clientelle he comes to the stunning revelation that Annabelle is actually the perfect trophy wife hes been lokking for.After he meets Annabelle's successful family he immediatly loves them and decides to propose to Annabelle. Annabell upon being proposed to by Heath is very mad, she thinks she only wants her because she loves her family and is well aquainted with his wish for nothing more than a trophy wife and doesn't want to live in a marriage without love. Once Heath fails to say I love you Annabelle storms out. Heath soon latter realizes he does actually love Annabelle but cant find her to tell her. He has to brave her overprotective book club to find out where she is and skips work for the first time to locate her. He finds her tells her and she doesn't believe hi at first but after awhile she coes around and then you can guess how they celebrate. They get married and it ends with a flash forward where the have a baby son and everyone is happy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Because I already wrote an extremely long blog about Harry Potter I will now write about Pokemon. I was feeling particularly bored today after I was kicked out of the basement and away from the computer (located in the basement) so I did what any mature highschooler would and decided to dust of my gameboy and play some Pokemon. I was aslways and continue to be a impatient pokemon trainer. I could never train my pokemon for long periods of time so they could rack up expierience or wander in the caves until I battled my way out. If things got too hard or took too long I would deem it impossible and hand the gameboy to my sister to complete. So it was no surprise when I picked up two different games one of them mine where I was currently stuck in a cave I never fought my way out of and had a handful of weak pokemon. The other game was my sisters and the whole game was already done and her pokemon were all extremely rare and unbelievably strong. Discouraged after comparing the two I folowed my usual methods and erased my game entirely rather than working it out and started a new one that will inevitably be erased latter after I once again get impatient. Creating new beginings is always the most fun part to me, the making up names and finding new pokemon I just bore of it after a while and start a new game. In my whole life I think Iv'e onlty completed a whole game of Pokemon three times which is crazy if you take into account how obsessed I was about it when I was a kid. Everyday when my sister and I got home from school we would watch pokemon and I still have alol my pokemon cards, which I now want to get rid of but since it went out of wtyle so quickly no one wants them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harry Potter

I wont bother describing the story plot or explaining the characters of Harry Potter to you because unless your a complete shut in who hates all things good in this world you already have read, watched or just know what Harry Potter is all about. I loved this series but am not a fanatic like some people I know. I can read the books with quiet appreciation but feel no overwhelming urge to shout out my love for the series to anyone who listens or wear clothing that sports young Mr. Potter and Severus Snape leaving no doubt to all who bear witness to my ensemble of my profound love for this piece of teenage literature. Although I enjoyed the series I somewhat hated the end, I was happy Harry was able to defeat Voldemort and all but was upset that one of the Weasley twins and Professor Lupen had to die. It was also upsetting that Dumbledor hadn't been quite the sweet quirky old man I thought him to be. I am not stupid and I know it would be ignorant of me to believe that you can have a all out battle with the dark lord and his minnions without a few casualties, even more stupid than believing in a school of witchcraft and wizardry in the first place, but if you had to kill someone I would of rather they killed of Neavil,Cho and if you had to kill someone in the Weasley family definetly Ginny, along with a assortment of secondary characters instead of one of the Weasley twins and Professor Lupin (especiallu the weasley twin). Other than that it pissed me off that Harry ended up with Ginny she used to be just a star struck fan of his, NEVER marry the fan girl!!! That is a definite rule and she's like a year or two younger than him I'd rather he end up with Cho! I'd rather J.K. Rowling had the dark Lord kill of Ginny in place of her brother to prevent the future matrimony of her and Harry. Oh and I'm rethinkin havind Cho killed she has to stay alive so she can fill Ginny's place. Another thing about the end that pissed me off was that they never say what Harry's job is in the futre, did he becaome and auror or whatever that is that slays bad things or some other job Professional Quiditch player perhaps? We'll never know!:( If I had to rewrite the end I might not have had him grow up at all just leave the end of him getting the girl after a long hard battle maybe skip ahead a few weeks and end it on a celebration where he is immortalized as a hero, I don't want him to grow up he has to stay young and promising for the rest f my life or I can think he is if the books ends with him still young and promising. It's harder to pretend he is still a infamous teenager when she ends with him being an adult with children.
It was always a battle to get hold of the Harry Potter books, I am a fast reader but so is my sister and father and we all were vying to be the first to read the book. When ever a new book came out my Mother would come home one day without prior notice she was going to buy the book and toss it on the table to see who got to it first. It was usually my sister but as soon as she set it down my dad would pick it up and get a good chunk of it read too but would soon have to set it down due to all the whinning my sister was aiming at him once she found out she no longer had possession of the book. I would usually sit back and let them duel it out but always quick to jump in if I ever found the book laying around ungaurded. My sister would finish within a day or two at most and then my father was next in line having already read half from the short periods of time my sister had left it out he would be done by the ned of the day or within twelve hours. i would then recieve the book and take precisely two days to finish the book with no one trying to steal it form me in the middle. We all be done befor the weeks end. This was the routing with every book except for the earlier ones because they were ahorter than the last ones we all finished them quicker.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Annoying books

There is absolutely nothing I hate more than a novel about teenage romance where the girl doesn't get the guy. It is almost as bad when there's two guys one hot and one loser and the girl chooses the geek because he's got a better personality.What crap is this?! Seriously anyone can get a geek I want to read about a petty romance where a hot guy that everyone want fall for a unlikely girl and the both live happilly ever after or untill the book ends. The whole point of reading those books is to be transported to a place where the impossible can happen and you can dream that maybe just maybe you can bag a hottie liek that.That is bad enough but it's even worse when she doesn't get the guy at all. Usually becayse she finds out the guy while being gorgeous is also a jerk. No! No! When I read that type of books all hot guys are nice, gallant, committed,entertaining, gentlemen. Whats even worse is if the whole book it leads you on makes you ooh and ahh over the ideal romance cringe with jealosy but then all of a sudden towards the end way too late for you to quit reading they discover hes a jerk and end the book alone. My aversion toward theese endings may have something to do with that I am of the mentality that how the story ends is how the characters are forever. They are eternally stuck in a state of bliss and contentment or misery and independence hoping things will get better. no things wont get better that was the last page there is nop more story or time for you to find your sould mate you sre stuck alone forever.

Jodi Piccolt

I have noticed similarities between this and My Sister's Keeper. She likes to bring law suits in her books (every single book shes written that I've read have included court) and both father mother and neglected sibling figures are all the same. Both fathers worked for the government in lifesaving jobs with low pay and were having financial issues. Both mothers were over bearing jpbless odue to the demading needs of their ill child and agressive villian characters. The fathers playing the gallant hero where in both books went against their wives in court. The difference between the siblings was My Sister's Keeper centered around one of the neglected siblings while Handle With Care centered around the ailing child that took away all the attention. In both stories I fell in lovbe with teh mothers and hated the fathers. Even the ends were similar she brings the story to a close and then kills the when or who your least expecting her to. That B*th! I mean what is her fixation on death why cant she have a happy end?! It's getting to the point where I think she just kills off a important charater vital to the stories happiness just to keep up appearences. It's no longer adding significance to the story thickening the plot or making it a beutiful mixture of delicate tradgedy, now it's just pointless and instead of leaving you in tears at the end due to its tragic beuty it leaves you crying tears of rage and cussing at Jodi. I enjoy Jodi Piccolts novvels but her endings are just getting to be too much for me.

Handle With Care

This was by Jodi Poccolt so it was well written and entertaining but also had her signature depressing ending. Handle with Care is about a girl born with OI. OI stands for osteo something something basically all you need to know in the end is that it's a disease with no cure and it makes your bones so thin and fragile that they can break as easily as dry sphegetti. Like the girl in the book has stage three and it also prevents her from growing over 4"1" or something like that also due to the frequency of the breaks and her fragile bones she always wears braces needs a wheel chair and is often put in a uncomfortable full doy cast or at least it goes from the ribs past her legs. Because of all Willow's medical needs (thats her name) her parents are stripped for cash. Willow has a older sister who is always ignored because WIllow demands so much attention and her father works as a police. Basically Willow's mom used to be best friends with her baby doctor but being desperate for money she starts a law suit against her (piper) suing her for all of WIllow's medical expenses under the pretenses of wrongful birth. Basically that Piper didn't identify that the baby had OI soon enough so she could get an abortion. Her husband is dead against it and after she goes ahead with it any way he decides to jump sides and defend Piper against the law suit. Amelia her sister is having issues dealing with everything and becomes bulimic and a cutter, until Willow sees her cutting and tries to herself and almost kills herself in the pocess. Then Sean (the dad) finds out and gets Amelia help. The Lawsuit is hard on everyone Sean and the mother(I don't remember her name) are getting a divorce (they never go through with it though) and Willow has all her many breaks in between but iin the end The mom wins the law suit and Sean decides to stay and work things out. They made uup after they stayed the night together with WIllow at the hospital after she had a particularly bad break that required surgery. In the very, very end WIllow is supposed to go out and fetch Amelia so they can all go to a movie together (she had been break free for the longest time ever in her life) and she gets distracted by a frozen pond and decides to walk on it. The pond breaks and she drowns. This was the worst ending stupid it made me more mad than sad. I mean this was literally the last five pages.WT#@@!! That was so random!!! The whole book had been about how fragile she was and she could easily die in like ten other ways none that included drowniing!? What were you thinking she didn't even work up to it it was just killing for killings sake! They got the money to raise her and now she died from reason that didn't include her disease. Why did she decide to walk on the water!? There was no logical explanation I officially hate Jodi Piccolt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a stupid jogger!

So this happened just this past week. It was the one day this week that it was below freezing in the morning and you were required to actually scrape your windows. I being of a lazy dispostion and running slightly late failed to properly clear my right window (this was the biggest instigator to the incedent) half my front window and all my left window. I had had to stop on the side of our private dirve by the stop sign leading to the main road to rescrape all my windos becaus the were once again forming a thin layer of ice. This naturally put me even more behind schdule so when I pulled out to the stop sign I looked lef for oncoming traffic and jetted out. I wouldn't have noticed anything if it weren't for the loud prfanity aimed towrds my car. I braked and looked right through a baddly scraped off right window at a very angry jogger. He was as mad as I have ever seen anyone and based on his proximity I'd have to say that I came dangerously close to hitting him. He was waving his arms screaming "what the HELL!@!!!#!!" WHAT THE HELL@##$%??!!!!!!!!" and inbetween the frequent cussing delivering a self riteous message about pulling out with out looking. He was so close to my door and slightly banging on the door that was locked thank god! I was scared out of my mind of him and I believe if I didn't kill him he was going to kill me. I screamed a quick apology through the door there was no way I was actually opening a window and sped off. Leaving him to finish his jog.

2nd Library trouble

This one was a little more dramatic than my first and a litlle bit more dangerous too. First of all it happened when I had my foriegn exchange student over and was taking her to the library, of course this time I had successfully arrived at the library took my time browsing and had plenty of books even though it doesn't really apply with the story. On the way back I missed my single turn similarly to the first time but with more traumatic reprecussions. I stupidly kept on going straight waiting for something to pop out of seem familiar even though I could clearly tell that I should have been home by now and the area was progressively becoming more shady and dark. I kept going still thinking that okay after this block therell be the road that leads me home but it never came and I kept thinking it would as the situation kept on getting worse. I eventually came to my sense4s and said I had to turn around but in my panic I failed to realize I was now on a one way and pulled into a quick driveway oulled back out and started heading up the way I came the wrong direction up a one way. For Airi's (my foriegn exchange student)part she was quiet the whole time she didn't even scream when a car started coming at us head on. Luckily there was a small parkinglot just to my right that I was able to quickly slip into with a minimum amount of honking (we were the only two on the road at the time). After I caught my breath I headed back on the road the right direction this time so I was then forced to go farther in the wrong direction until I could turn off the one way. I was able to spot a gas station slash laundromat (they were connected) that were lkocated near the sip and stir (a bar) and I pulled in parked and called my dad. My phone was fully charged this time! I described my surrounding to him and he was able to deduce that I had somehow managegs to get all the way to first Ave. Downtown Cedar Rapids form Hiawatha. He had to come all the way down there and we folowed him back home. When esplaing top my parent how exactly I got there which I am still kind of fuzzy on and sparing no detail I might of missed out the one way incedent and since Airi had very litle way to communicate I wan't too worried about her spilling it even though I should have been. She tried to tell my parent about it later but all she could say was one way and I pretended to be just as confused as my parents and didn't properly translate. Latter though when some frinds came over and I had had to retell the story Airi wanting to add her part drew a nice picture of my truck going the wrong way up a one way. The picture was soon shared with my parents and I was banned from driving to the library by myself untill I had properly gone with a parent a couple times. I have since then had five successful solo trips to the Hiawatha library.

!st library trouble

So I think I will go back to driving for however many blogs it takes to bring you up to date with my latest and greatest driving excapades. To begin I need to alaborate how simple it is to get to the Hiawatha library and back from my house, you just go straight and take one left turn till you get there vice versa for the way back. But I believe I have mentioned before i lack directional sense and the first time I tried to get there by myself I managed to get terribly loss but not as badly lost as I got the second time (yes there was a second time). I somehow miss my one turn and the long short of it end up driving around Cedar Rapids for a half hour waste a quarter tank of of gas untill I miraculously find myself at my church which happens to be on the total opposite side of town than than my intended destination. I was seriously scared out of my mind the whole time everything was dark and the buildings were all lighted up so I couldn't recognize them. All around me were roads that seemed familiar of right and I knew that if i followed the road it would lead me to somewhere I'd been before or was familiar with but I couldn't remember where. My phone had convieniently died so there was no way I could contact my parents for help, luckily I was able to drive calm and collecetedly despite my raging fears and I admit there were tears of confusion and frustration mixed in too. I drove on instinct I think at one point I ended up at my pino teachers house but like I mentioned earlier I ultimately ended up at the church and was then able to get home. After being properly comforted by my parents my mother agreed to take me to the library so I got to go after all but didn't have to drive it ended happily.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well thats it I was actually able to reach my quota before the third one. Everyone should be singing my praises right now, because I know I am.

Nora Roberts and others alike

While I have been finding myself attract6ed to this author's novels as of late I have got to say that she pisses me off. Not her specifically but her type. Nora Roberts takes up like a whole two shelves worth at the library definetly a sign that she has written too much. I mean if you can write that much it's almost a given that you will run out of original ideas and if you dont it just disgusts me that someone has written so much and makes me think that they are too ful of themselves. That and Ilike to be contrary and would definetly boycott reading certain author's just because their success makes me mad for no explainable reason and to go against the hordes of adoring readers. Well any way that is not the only reason Nora Roberts and her kind annoy me. I have noticed that on evey one of her books it says "number one Ney York Times Best Selling Aurthor". This is to make you think at first that the book in your hand is a best selling book but you later realize that the book you are now reading has one no acknowledgements, she is just chalking up her title for all it's worth. In reality I have sifted throu almost all her books and not one of them have been a Ney York Times best selling book so my conclusion is that she has probably only had one book that actually went the distance and the rest are just mooching of that one books recognition. Nora Roberts especially since she has so many books out. You win an award or title for a book you win it for that book not all the other books you create latter, if theyr'e actually that good they will win theyr' own awards. All that aside I really like her as a author though I reccomend her, she writes mainly romance novels or those are the only type I mainly read form her.

Mama Mia

I'm going to rag about mama mia for awhile seeing as I just got it from the library finished watching it and when my family went to ney york we went to see it on broadway so I felt that this topic will provide me plenty of material to work with. To start with I'll critique the movie a general overvue for any poor soul who hasn't watched it yet. Sophie is raised by a single mother trying to run an inn she is engaged to be married but wants her dad to walk her down the aisle. The problem is she doesn't know who her father is but after reading her mothers old diary she is able to eliminate it down to three possible sperm donars (just a phrase she was concepted by sexual transaction not a clinical sperm donation). She sends each of them letters inviting them to her weding but because none of them even know she exists she has to pretend it was her mom writing to them so they would come. Both her mom and herself have a close knit group or trio of friends. They're each comprised of three best friends and have all their own secrets and inside jokes, the groups of friends are very supportive to the mother and daughter duo.The mom and her two best buddies used to have a band but that does not apply in any direct way. Anyway all three of her fathers with completely different personalities show up and she attempts to hide them from her mother untill she can find out which one is her real father. The movie goes on she has bonding moments with them all her mother finds out and is furious and all the usual drama. Eventually all three men come to the conclusion that they are her father and will walk her down the aisle, but she refuses them all and instead decide to let her mother walk her down the aisle. Her mother rediscovers her feeling for one of the three dad's as fate would have it the most handsome one and one of her friends hooks up with one of the extra. At the wedding the mom confesses she actually has no clue which one is her father either and all three agree that they are happy with sharing her rather than taking DNA tests. Sophie and Sky (her fiance) decide at the alter that they dont want to marry but rather travel the world together and not to wat the wedding one of Sophies's dad canidates the one who still loves Donna (her mother) decides that he and Sophie;s mother should marry in her stead. Now I'll explain the characters and sub-plots. Donna Spophie's mothers best friends to begin with. There is a short less attractive than the others and wrote a cook book and would rather pursue adventure than men. There is a tall prettier one that has had multiple surgeries to look younger and more pretty she has also had numerous husbandsall ending in divorce after she sucks them dry. The daddy canidates there is Harry, he is a lawer who comes out as openly gay by the end of the movie (not the broadway stage version though) who is very lawerish if that can describe ones personality. There is also Bill who is the wild out dorrs man never wanting to get tied down, he ends up with Donna's less attractive friend the one who wrote the cook book. Finally there is Sam, Sam is the hottest of the all and the one who marries Donna. He left her to go break up with his fiance and when he came back she had already run off with one of the other two. Sophie is the same actress as the stupid one in mean girls who can predict the weather with her boobs. She has a okay singing voice and the only thing that upsets me about her is her boobs are too big for her body in my opinion. Sky her fiance is a hottie I love him and have nothing else to say about him. What makes me mad is they cast people like Meryl Streep who does a decent job but voice is definetly lacking they just cast her for the name the same thing with sam aka Harrison Ford just because he's famous and more attractive he is the main guy even though he cant sing. If this is a musical hire singers there are plenty let some new people get there chance to shine not the people who already have a name for themselves and are trying to prove that they are multi talented and can sing when they actually cant. Her friend who is into plastic surgery also has a thing with a younger as in Sophie's aged fuy it was slightly disturbing. The broadway version was great eveeryone was great singers and if anything it was too loud. I definetly prefer Broadway

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Only one hundred to two hundred more words left and I don't plan on going over by a single word. I am excited because I am going to the Mall of America tomorow or in six hours since I have to stay up late and blog and I plan to enhance my summer wardrobe! I have also been to the library and have a stack of ten enticing books waiting for me to read so over all this is shaping up to be a great spring break also we dont hav to blog over spring break and I absolutely hate this blog so that also makes me happy. I think I have achieved my objective or am very close to it so I will quit for tonight.


When I picked up this book I thought it was just going to be your average teen super hero book. It's simple cover ( displaying a lone super hero mask with a single color backround) and bulkiness(its pretty thick) attracted me, but it turned out to be your average tenn gay super hero book. I enjoyed it fully though. It's about Thom a boy with a healing power he hasn't quite figured out to use to it's full potential yet and can sometime be harmful to himself. Thom is the son of a failed superhero, his father used to be very popular her married another super hero qith the power of invisibility but what made Thom's father so popular was that he technically had no super powers he was just a very hard worker who was trained well enough to fight up to par with other super hero's. But in the end his father mad a wrong choice between saving one wet of lives or another and let one side down, and the whole public turned on him making him the most unpopular guy ever that was also reflected upon Thom. Thom's mom is also out of the picture after having an affair with Thom's father's rival who after Thom's father's fall from grace became the over all leader of all the superhero's she dissappeared. Thom is like the best at basketball and his rival is a id from another counrty who moved to America with a little brother, but you find out later that he also has a super power that is never really clearly stated all you know is he has the ability to move swiftly and dissapear into the shadows. Anyway after people discover Thom is gay they kick him off the basketball team but after Golden Boy a new age version of Flashfiscovers who Thom's parents are based of a picture of his family he dropped while assisting othe super heroes in a train wreck he is invited to the super hero school. Thom auditions into a group after extensive test against his father's will. The group includes a cheeky girl who has cancer and is also there instructer Golden Boy's love interest and a old lady who can forsee the future a man who has the ability to spread germs and some other people I forget. Basicaly to sum it all up in the end The Father's rival turns out to be a bad guy and Thom's group has to pull together to defeat him, Thom's mother also comes back for a little while to help, it turns out that she used her invisibility power too long and now had difficulties changing back. Thom also fall in love with his own rival over a heated game of basket ball and cures the girl with cancer on his team. Happy ending.Yay!

The Princess and the Frog

I am so super excited right now!! My mom bought The Princess and the Frog the new disney princess movie! Well technically I had to pay half even though she still claims she bought it ignoring my ten dollar contribution and holding it over my head. At first when they first started advertising the new Disney Princess movie I was dead set against it. It was appauling that Disney would even consider adding to the exclusive ranks of Disney Princesses. I mean I grew up with the Disney Princesses they were set in stone no adding or subtracting every haloween you had a prealloted number of princesses to choose from and that was that. I upset me greatly this change to an ancient institution such as Disney Princesses. But when my sister came back from college and wanted to go see the movie I quickly got over my boycott of the movie and went to see it with her with the promise to myself to secretly criticue and keep a running monolouge of complaints in my head while I watched. But when I actually watched it I was sucked into to the "wonderful world of Disney" or simplistic "what fun it would be to be a child again" mentality. And the classic happy ending that no Disney film can go without left me with a feeling of euphoria that lasted long after the movie. I am not in the least bit ashamed to admit that I have fallen head over heels in love with an animated Disney Prince. Well head over heels is a bit of an esageration but you get the idea, he had a really cute accent and apathetic attitude that was magically transformed into a upstanding and attentive attitude once he realized he loved Tiana. I also adored the main character Tiana, I mean every Disney Princess is hard working but it's always circumstancial, you dont think Cinderella would be slaving away by choice do you? What I loved about Tian that was different than all the other Disney Princesses was that she worked hard by choice not because her wicked step mother and sister's forced her to but because she was extremely motivated and sincere in her quest to fulfill her dream. And even though I'm talking about how much I loved the main characters(I also loved Louis and Ray and her best friend too, basically everyone.) My favorite character would have to be Tiana's father, even though he was only part of the movie briefly. From now on he is right up there with Gregory Peck as Atticus from To Kill A Mocking Bird as examplary father figures. Over all this was a great addition to the Disney Princess collection and proved that change was good but I will but the better not try to add another Disney Princess or I will still be extremely pissed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So yeah I've got like two hundred words left and I added like a total of two hundred to my last post on word but my computer is stupid and won't let me copy and paste my work from word to my blog which is really frustrating because that is now two hundred words wasted! Also Ive been able to do it all year why can't I all of a sudden!? I also have like three pages of math homework yet tonight because not like this is new news to anyone but I am a shameless procastinator.Not only this but I have to miss two days of track this week and will probably fall behind! I am way over booked UI have to go to work get all my homework done, take my foiegn exchange student to the many event the school plans for them that cost money too! and go to the dance because my foriegn exchange sdtudent wants to and I dont.I believe I have now rambled on long enough time to start math!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I enjoyed this book, I think it's a retelling of a Norwegian folk tale and I was familiar with some aspects of the story, but it could also be taken as a micture of two or three of our fairy tales here one of them including Beuty and the Beast. Rose's mother wants to have a kid for every direction on the compass excluding East because East borne children are supposed to be travlers and somewhat untameable but despite her mother's meticulous planning Rose is borne facing East. There was also a young prince long ago who is captured by a trollish Princess who wants to make him her Husband but the Trolls Father the King is mad at her for kidnapping the boy and turns the boy into a polar bear asaying if he can find love of his own species that willingly lives with him for a yearish without glancing upon his true face at night (he turns into a man at night) he will be free of the spell and the Trolls. Rose's family is hit by bad luck and her sister get's sick the Polarbear comes and says that if they give Rose to him he will bring them good luck. Rose leaves with him willingly and travels to the Polarbears castle very far away. She lives with him for awhile and learns enjoy his companionship but is mystified by the strange man that joins her in bed every night, whenever he comes in none of the candles work so she never gets to see his face. Rose is allowed to visit home once before returning to the castle on her return her mother gives her a special candle that will work even when all the other candles dont. Upon her return she uses the candle one night and see's the Polarbear man's real face. The Ploarbear man who is now always a man is immediately collected by the Troll Queen (her dad died) because he lost his bet, to live with her in her knigdom forever. Rose is kicked out of the castle but since she feels terribly guilty she starts on a quest through the arctice to find her prince. She is saved by a nice widow and her daughter. Once she recovers they help her gain passage to a ship and its drunk captain. As they are heading to the troll Queens palace deep in the arctic somewhere they get caught in a storm and the crew is anihlated. She and the drunk captain make it to the arctic and meet tghe arctic people who agree to guide her as far as possible in her desired direction. After her guide leaves her she manages to get to the castle and work as a slave there. She challenges the queen to a competition winner gets her prince. Rose wins and she and her prince leave and free the slaves. They make it back home where they live happily ever after. Over all a good book I reccomend it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Exposed

I have read two of the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books and though I found them amusing when I was younger I have to say they are utterly preposterous! The front will show a plump stouter version of Mary Popins doing a happy little jig or some other merry pose surrounded by all the unruly children she helped tame or some other variation of that. The stories center around this very same grandma like figure as she help struggling young moms in the neighborhood cure their children’s bad habits or nature. To my knowledge she has cured bullying, avoidance of baths, sharing issues, arguing sisters, tinny bite takers, not cleaning your room, and sickness fakers. Of all these what made me loose faith in Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and her unconventional cures was how she cured the girl who refused to take a bath. Basically she told the mother not to force her to take a bath and let her daughter collect dirt until she was covered with enough o plant a garden. She was then instructed to plant turnip seeds on her daughter’s outer coat of dirt and pick them once they’ve grown. The point was to get the girl so disgusted with herself that she wanted a bath. When I was yo0unger this story fascinated me and left me wondering why I couldn't just grow a small garden upon myself but now it's impossibility and outrageousness disgusts me. Another one of her questionable cures was when a boy took tiny bites when he ate and took forever, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle told his mother to give him a smaller plate, utensils and portions each getting smaller daily, effectively starving the child until he agreed to eat normally. I hate to be a downer (who am I kidding I love being the downer!) on good childish fun but I felt the fraud that is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle needed to be addressed. Did I mention she lives n an upside down house? Ridiculous!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Love Gregory Peck!

Only two hundred words left for this week. I have been developing a throbbing head ache due to I believe my above average sugar consumption(read previous post about my new liking for mountain Dew) and always staring at the computer screen or TV most of the times both at once like now. I am not ashamed to say that I have been running my own Smallville mararthon. Tom Welling is such a hottie!!! Not just him but I am seriously considering joining the I love Gregory Peck fan club. I’m not positive if it should be the Gregory Peck fanclub or Atticus fan club. I am technically in love with The Gregory peck that plays Atticus. I am going to close this a few maybe fifty words short of my goal. I trust no one will turn me in and my teacher will have better things to do than read all my posts.

Mountain Dew?!

I am breaking away from the books for a second here and moving on to sugary drinks also known as Mountain Dew. I normally have no cravings for Mountain Dew in fact quite the opposite I find the original melony and slightly lemony with a killer caffeine and sugar kick kind of revolting. I am usually sure not drink more than the occasional one once a month and usually not even that, the reason behind this carefulness is despite its immediate disgusting taste it can become strangely addicting and a Mountain Dew addiction is the last thing I need. The reason I even bother to bring up my distaste for this popular drink is that I find the new World of war Craft Mountain Dew flavors quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t have even tried these new flavors is my parents recently held a dinner party without me I may add and some kind guests brought a pack of the red kind with the ugly troll slash Orc (from LOTR: Lord Of The Rings) creature on it. After my dad and I both developed a liking for it we also bought the blue kind with the strange skimpily clad and clearly full of sex appeal for the guys elf like creature too. After some extensive taste testing it became clear that the red toll/Orc one was obviously superior in taste. Now all of these pop related occurrences are what lead me to my real point of this blog today. Why in the world would they put the uglier creature on the red pop if the red one is so clearly better than the blue?! I have seen the commercials where the two different customers each buy the different flavor and transform into the represented monster to battle out their differences. From this commercial we all learn that you become what you drink not meaning the pop itself but the assigned mascot for the flavor your either a troll or an elf. It doesn’t take a genius to find out that the majority of the population would choose the elf. So naturally I felt quite indignant when unwilling to sacrifice imaginary looks for taste I always chose to be the troll. WTF!! I don’t want to be a Troll I want to drink my favorite flavor and be a beautiful elf while I’m at it! What were the Mountain Dew people thinking?! If anyone else is as passionate on this issue as I am this is where I’d tell you to be proactive and do something about it but naturally since I would never do that and it seems pointless I will tell you to let your frustration boil and build up inside you and feel you helplessness on the issue and be a troll for the rest of your life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just One Wish

Just one wish is about Anika Truman, who travels to Hollywood to find Steve Raleigh, a popular young actor, star of the Teen Robinhood series. Anika wants to convince Steve to accompany her back to her home to visit her sick younger brother who has cancer and wants to see the teen robin Hood before he has surgery. Those are the circumstances in a nut shell but it's actually a little more complicated. Anika convinces her brother that he has a magic genie and gets three wishes only if he uses the last one to wish himself better. He uses the first one on an action figure and the second one is to meet the Teen Robinhood. Anika is a strong-willed and pretty girl who is used to getting her way or making things happen. She and her friend sneak on set and reak havok upon the set. Theyr'e eventualy caught and her friend is sent home while she is kept for questioning. To avoid capture or any possible police involvement she plots a daring escape from Raleigh's trailer (where she is being held captive) Steve and everyone chase her around for awhile until they agree not to call the police. Once she explains herself and her reasons to them Steve offers to make a charitable donation but is too busy to visit her brother. Anika challenges the Teen Robinhood to an archery contest if she wins he has to come with her if he does she will leave him alone, reluctantly he agrees. Anika wins (she is captain of her school archery club) and holds Steve to his word. They share an eventful drive filled with romance, paparazi evasions and broken cars (due to the paparzi evsion tactic used). Steve has to call his estranged family for help where they stay for the night. In the morning Steve say's he has to get back to location and can't visit her brother untill after the surgery (the agreeement was she only had Steve for that day). Anika is forced to go back home empty handed untill Steve shows up much to her surprise(he canceled shooting that day) in full Robinhood get up. He hangs out with Anika's little brother and her family and they share a romantic parting till her brother interupts using his last wish not for himself as was agreed but on everyone else. This off sets Anika but Steve convinces her that it will be ok (they are officially dating by now). The next day after the surgery they find out that the surgery wasn't that successful and her little brother ony has a little while longer to live. Steve shows up at the hospital as priorly arranged and comforts Anika. It was a happy ending with a twist of tragedy. Anika got a hot boyfriend and agrees to make her little brother enjoy his last days.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mission Acomplished!

So I have already written twelve hundred words through my other two posts but I was still short one entry so this my pointless but still completely neccessary blog.

Picture Perfect

By: Jody Picoult or however you spell her name. I really like this book except for the end. It is about a anthropologist who is married to a movie star husband who abuses her. Alex (the most sought after actor in America) due to his unpleasant past and father issues beats Cassie (the anthropologist with her own unpleasant past] but he really loves her with all his heart. I loved Cassie and Alex’s relationship (beside the abuse) and was really disappointed in the end when she divorces him to save their baby from having to witness him beat her all the time. The story goes that Alex and Cassie meant in Africa she was on an excavation and was also consulting on Alex’s movie where he played and Archeologists. They fell in love and married, returned to America and were happily married with the occasional beating for three years. After three years though Alex beat Cassie too hard and she run away to protect the baby inside her that she couldn’t tell Alex about but develops amnesia due to a previous hear wound. After a kind cop finds her and develops feeling for her Alex claims her as his wife he starts working on restoring her memory. Unfortunately for Ales Cassie dose get all her memory back and runs away to have her baby away from Alex. Cassie runs away to the kind cop who takes care of her while she has her baby. After the baby is born she returns to Alex who has been distraught without her and risked his career in his depression. Once she returns Alex tries his best to control his destructive tendencies though his over controlling and abusive nature soon resurfaces and forces Cassie to publicly divorce him and start a new life for her and her son. This was very depressing to me I was personaly hoping Alex would be able to change his ways and him Cassie and the son would all live happily ever after. But this is Jody Picoult and she never has a happy ending as far as I can tell.

He’s not that Into You

This is possibly the best chick flick of all time! It is roughly based on a book though I will elaborate more on this fact later. In the movie there are many important and semi main characters but the main, main one would definitely be Gigi. Gigi is desperate, adorable, needy and clingy young woman who can’t keep a man to save her life. While Gigi is stalking her most recent love interest she meets a hot bartender (who is also known as the Mac guy on the commercials or the PC I don’t remember the hot one) who lays out the laws of attraction for her. He bluntly tells her that his friend (the guy she’s stalking) is not interested in her as was every guy she’s ever been with. The law of attraction states that Gigi and all females in general are considered the rule until proven otherwise a lucky few are the exception. The rule is many rules combined like don’t expect a guy to change for you if he is a player he will most likely remain so and if a guy likes you he will make it happen so you shouldn’t call needlessly and obsess over it if he doesn’t call he doesn’t like you or is just interested in sex and will not pursue further contact afterwards. Gigi’s friend who is married is having marital troubles her husband is cheating on her with a slut. The slut then has two friends the boy who is a friend is romantically interested in the slut but the slut is only interested in Gigi’s friends husband. The sluts other friend (Drew Barrymore) convinces the slut that she is an exception, the rule doesn’t apply to her and Gigi’s friends husband will divorce his wife (Gigi’s friend) for her. The slut’s friend boy who is crushing on her is also friends with Mac/PC-guy who is shamelessly being used by the slut is a realtor who pretends to be gay to appeal to a mainly gay based customer base and uses Drew Barrymore as his advertiser to display his ads on the gay/lesbian section in the news paper. Jenifer Aniston is also part of the rule she plays a coworker of Gigi and her friend who has the cheating husband and is living with her boyfriend of a long time (multiple years) who happens to be friends with the cheating husband, and refuses to marry Jenifer Aniston. According to the rule that means that he will never want to marry her and that she shouldn’t expect him to change so after hearing the rule Jenifer Aniston dumps him and goes to work helping her sister with her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately Jenifer Aniston’s dad has an untimely heart attack while Jenifer Aniston is overwhelmed cleaning up after all her sisters and their lazy husbands, her ex-boyfriend shows up and helps showing his loyalty to her and she gladly accepts him back. He later proposes to her at the end of the movie. Meanwhile The slut rejects her friend boy and the cheating husband gets rejected by his wife and all three the husband, wife and slut all end up alone at the end of the movie. Gigi goes back to her boy crazed ways and accuses the Mac/PC guy of harboring secret feelings for her he immediately rejects her and after an argument they lose contact. Gigi gets her act together and starts dating normally but Mac/PC guy realizes he actually likes her he returns and sweeps her off her feet. When Gigi asks him about the rule he proves her to be the exception. Drew Barrymore also gets together with the slut’s friend boy. In the end there are many happy couples and one happy independent woman (Gigi’s friend with the cheating husband) and two generally unhappy cheating whores.
Since I loved the movie so much I fervently searched for the book at the nearest library with the help of a very nice librarian I finally found it. I was disappointed when I first got the book because it seemed very small, I was curious as to how they could fit a whole movie with a complicated plot I soon found out that it didn’t The book is nothing more than an advice column of random girls writing in asking why guys didn’t like them. There was no plot no characters just simple ask and answer columnists work. I strongly recommend the movie but don’t even attempt to get the book it’s not worth your time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I found transfiguration really hard to follow. One moment she would be in her house observing a spider behind the toilet then she’s camping and it ends in her classroom. What confused me is that she writes in present tense at both the beginning and the end making it hard to arrange everything in a time sequence. Annie Dillard’s description of the insects and their actions is amazingly detailed. When she talked about the burning moth and all the dead bugs it was so descriptive. I was slightly skeptical as to if she really noticed all that. I believe she might have briefly observed it and upon later thought embellished on the story. Throughout the whole story it hinted at a deeper meaning. The whole story was one big analogy, I didn’t fully understand what the analogy was though it had something to do with the writing process. I was thinking that the moths may be inspiration that comes and goes in quick flashes and the one that stayed and burned was a brilliant idea. I found this story creepy but it takes talent to invoke those strong emotions in your readers. I don’t know what feelings the author meant for her readers to have while reading or how she even came up with such a abstract idea, but with all the different genres out there sometimes it’s nice to be creeped out every once in a while.

The Princess Bride

Sticking with our princess theme I am going to now rant about The Princess Bride. This is another one of those, love the movie but the book disappoints you with a terribly, tragic ending. The Princess Bride is a classic but when they say that they are referring to the movie where Wesley and Buttercup invariably ride off into the sunset, not the book. The book basically follows the movie (rather the movie follows the book but I watched the movie first so I will put that first) pretty directly till the author throws in this weird twist ending. The book ends happily like the movie or at least you think it does but then in this personal style of writing the author uses like he is directly talking to you tells you to stop reading and pretend that the story ends happily if you dislike troubled endings, and continues on with this depressing ending that involves killing off everyone. Who actually does that?! I mean if you’ve actually bothered to get that far in the book who is actually going to stop before they’ve reached the end, especially after being told to, it’s like being dared! In the book ending Indigo’s ( the charming Spaniard trying to avenge his father who befriended Wesley) wound reopens (that he got from avenging his father) and he starts bleeding profusely. The sweet, stupid giant that follows Indigo like a puppy dog gets separated from everyone else and not being able to navigate by himself will most likely despair and die. Wesley’s pill expired (Wesley officially died before he could save Buttercup from the evil Prince so Indigo and the Giant had to go to a wizard and get a magic pill that brought him back to life for twentyish hours)thus leaving Wesley once again dead. I don’t remember what happened to Buttercup, maybe wandering the woods by herself lost and helpless or something else equally horrible. Other than the obvious problem of this ending not being all bright and cheerful I hate his last words. The author never officially say’s any of the characters are dead he just leaves it hanging like that and say’s it’s up to you how you want it to end, even though he’s already practically finished off the story leaving really only one conclusion for his audience to assume. This is a cowardly way to end a story it’s like eating a whole cake except for a single tiny piece so you can say you didn’t eat the whole cake. I hate this book with a passion.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Sister's Keeper

I adored this book! As much as I love happy, clean-cut endings where all the main characters find everlasting love, nothing can beat the occasional, bitter-sweet, tragic demise of the main characters at the end. My Sister's Keeper has a surprise ending you prepare yourself the entire novel for Kate to die the death she was destined to and then suddenly the story pulls a 360 and kills of Anna instead. This is basically the story. Anna’s parents had her so that they could use her to save their older daughter who had cancer; Anna goes to a lawyer to claim medical emancipation so she will no longer be used. They go through a long trial packed with a lot of drama. Anna achieves medical emancipation but it is learned that Kate has actually asked her to do this so Anna would no longer be forced to keep her alive. But soon after her hard fought victory Anna gets in a car wreck and is brain dead. They take her organs and give them to her sister and others.Although I love the tragedy and drama of this end, it leaves me incredibly pissed at Anna's mother. The mother completely ignores her other children and uses Anna shamelessly without the slightest twinge of guilt, she was born for that purpose so she better serve it. Anna is robbed of a regular childhood and friends because of her mother and even though her sister is the sick one she ended up getting more of a childhood in the end. Anna died without ever going to a dance or feeling romance, while Kate (Anna’s sister was able to experience both of these with a fellow cancer patient (who tragically died). Besides her mom I loved the rest of Anna's family. Her brother while being a troubled delinquent had a special bond with Anna that was exclusively Anna's and his Kate may have always demanded the most attention but this one thing she was left out of. Anna’s father took care of her and not just Kate. At the beginning he’s the only one who notices and cares that Anna is acting weird her mom just shrugs it off, as a impossibility that Anna could have any problems. Anna’s aunt was also very cool, I liked how she seemed to have everything in control and showed affection for all of her nieces and nephews not just the sick one. By the time I reached the end of this book I was openly weeping, you just get so wrapped up in Anna’s character that it’s hard not to be sad by the sudden loss of it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Little Princess

I grew up watching this movie so I was very shocked when I read the book and it wasn’t as clean cut and happy as the movie. The story is about a little girl named Sarah who lived in India with her rich father but when her father leaves for war she is put in a boarding school in New York. She lives there as a student for awhile until it is found that her father died leaving her penniless. In the book her father had actually given all his money to a friend investing in diamond mines who lost all his money either way leaving Sarah penniless. She is demoted to a servant girl and makes fast friends with the other serving girl Becky. In the end though Sarah manages to keep all her old friends too because this is a children’s novel and friends aren’t supposed to care about social standings. Mrs. Minchin the evil boarding school teacher who hates Sarah of course is really mad that Sarah still thinks she’s a princess even though she’s poor and tries to keep all the other girls away from her. Mean while in the movie version the neighbor next door and his magical Indian care taker takes in a wounded soldier who is actually Sarah’s father who has temporary amnesia and can’t remember he has a daughter. When all the girls work together to steal back some of possessions that were taken away from her when her father died Mrs. Minchin accuses Sarah of being a thief and calls the police to take her away. Sarah manages to escape to her next-door neighbor’s house where she finds her father. As she is begging him to remember her the police drag her off. As they’re about to take her away the father suddenly and magically regains his memory and in a touching scene they hug each other in the rain. This is the movie end in the book her father really is dead and there is no wounded soldier with amnesia. Instead the neighbor himself turns out to be the friend who lost all of Sarah’s money who conveniently found it after her father’s death and the Diamond mines began to pay off. He had come to New York to search for Sarah and give her all the money that rightfully belongs to her. She pays the neighbor a visit one day for reasons I have forgotten and they find out who she really is and he decides to take care of her and love her forever. I like the movie version better.

Of Mice And Men

I personally loved this story. It always shocks me to find that the majority of my classmates do not share my enthusiasm for this novel. My favorite character was Slim, He was respected by everyone even Curly the arrogant, Ranch owner’s son listened to him. Of course that isn’t the only reason I liked him best, he was also very cool, level headed, kind, and I really liked the name Slim. Slim and George had a really great relationship he appreciated the way George looked after Lenny and the sacrifices he had to make to do and he also enjoyed having another intellectual person to converse with. Slim usual being surrounded by brawny simple minded workers so smart and calculating George must have been a nice change of pace for Slim. I also really like George and Lenny’s relationship, at fist it seems like George is being mean and taking advantage of Lenny but as you read on you realize all the underlying kindness in George’s harshness towards Lenny, it’s all just to protect Lenny. Lenny is really strong and huge but he is mentally retarded and causes George a lot of trouble. George is intelligent and resourceful if he didn’t have Lenny to take care of he could be doing very fine for himself instead of skipping from town to town every time Lenny accidently attacks a hooker or something. The ending is probably the real reason this is one of my favorites. At the end Lenny accidently breaks Curley’s slut of a wife's neck (she totally deserved it) and everyone gets together a hunting party to find Lenny so Curley can kill him. George doesn’t join the party instead he goes off on his own to where he knows Lenny is hiding to kill him himself. George meets Lenny at the lake-like place and tells him all about the house they were going to buy where he could raise his rabbits before shooting Lenny in the back of the head. The search party soon finds George and Lenny after hearing the gun shot. They are all impressed by how George was able to take down such a big man by himself. Only Slim realizes how hard it was for George to kill Lenny he tells George he had to do it and offers to get a drink with him. As they leave the other guys all wonder why he is so upset. The last line is something like “I wonder what’s bothering them”.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Educate Yourself

1. Why do car drivers have responsibility for avoiding collisions with motorcyclists?
C) Car drivers have more protection.
2. Which of the following is not a safe practice for bicyclist?
D) Listening to music with headphones while bicycling.
3. When meeting a truck on a two lane road…?
C) Move to lane position three and speed up.
4. To reduce risk of collision, motorcyclists should increase their ______.
Following distance
5. Users of mopeds have limited speed and ______.
6. Many collisions involving pedestrians occur at crosswalks and intersections in ______.
Business districts
7. Two wheeled vehicle that can be driven either with motor and pedal.
8. Large blind spot areas where truck drivers cannot see other vehicles.
9. Items a motorcyclist wears to protect head, eyes and body.
Protective equipment
10. Truck that has a powerful tractor that pulls a separate trailer.
Tractor trailer
11. Large vehicle used for pleasure and travel.
Recreational vehicle
12. Type of tractor trailer commonly called an “eighteen wheeler”
Tractor semi trailer
Moped- Two wheeled vehicle that can be driven either with motor and pedal.
Motor scooter-Low powered two wheeled vehicle, more powerful than a moped.
No-zones- Large blind spot areas where truck drivers cannot see other vehicles.
Protective equipment- Items a motorcyclist wears to protect head, eyes and body.
Recreational vehicle-Type of vehicle used for pleasure and travel.
Tractor trailer- Truck that has a powerful tractor that pulls a separate trailer.
Tractor semi trailer- Type of tractor trailer commonly called an “eighteen wheeler”.

While driving in urban stations…?
C) Be ready to reduce speed and change vehicle position.
The three second following distance technique…?
B) is safe for most conditions.
You can avoid being hit by a tailgater if you…?
A) Increase your following distance to 4 seconds or more.
It is illegal to pass another vehicle…?
B) At an intersection.
To give yourself adequate time to react to a hazard you should ____your speed.
Urban streets and roads have the highest number of____ per mile.
Take your foot of the accelerator and hold it over the brake pedal to be ready to brake quickly.
Cover the brake
Rest your foot on the brake.
Ride the brake
Pass the car ahead.
Over take
Follow another vehicle too closely.
Cover the brake- Take your foot of the accelerator and hold it over the brake pedal to be ready to brake quickly.
Over take- Pass the car ahead.
Ride the brake- Rest your foot on the brake.
Tailgate- Follow another vehicle too closely.

Jane Eyre Continued

My last blog being about the pains of working in a reading group this one is going to be about the actual book. I generally enjoyed Jane Eyre it reminded me somewhat of Jane Austen’s work but a bit darker without the clean cut happy ending. I hated the way Jane Eyre ended and I will give you a warning now I am going to spoil it for anyone reading this so if you ever plan on reading Jane Eyre and are one of those people who don’t like others spoiling the ends of things (I am not) stop reading now. It goes like this Jane Eyre falls for her boss who is old and ugly and they are about to marry when everyone discovers that Mr. Rochester (the old ugly boss man) already has a wife who is crazy and he keeps locked up in the far corner of his house. Jane Eyre runs away and meets her hot age appropriate cousin who she didn’t know she had who also offers her marriage. He want to take Jane as his wife to travel around the world as a missionary. Jane also in this time finds out even though she though herself a penniless orphan all her life she is actually got a nice inheritance. Jane stupidly leaves her cousin goes back to Mr. Rochester who during this time his house caught on fire and as he heroically saved everyone inside got hurt in the process losing a eye and leaving him crippled. Making him a cradle robbing, lecherous, decrepit, unsightly, one eyed (which is just disgusting!), arrogant creep. Congratulations Jane you turned down a exciting life of travel with a hot young preacher for a lifetime with a revolting, demanding old coot who will need constant care and will still most likely die thirty years before you. When I brought up my opposition of the ending the teacher dismissed my ideas saying she thought I had missed the point. I still get mad whenever I think about it I mean he is obviously revolting how can you even stand to be next him let alone share a bed!? He could be your father! I recommend about three fourths of this book, read the first three fourths of it and quit, I mean don’t even bother you will be eternally pissed at the author who I don’t remember but I know that I hate her for making Jane suffer such a cruel fate.

The Jane Eyre group

Since I can’t think of anything to write which seems to be becoming a recurring problem lately I will rant about a book I have read. This may seem random but it actually makes sense to start blogging about all the books I read. I love to read I make weekly trips to the library and often neglect my homework and chores in order to finish a good book. The book of my scrutiny will be Jane Eyre I read this book freshman year as a group reading assignment and out of the group I am the only one who has read the book from cover to cover to this day, most of them never got past chapter two, The second farthest was chapter five (me being the farthest of course). I don’t want to brag but this is my blog and I’ll brag about myself all I want I actually finished the book on the second day it was assigned but halfway through our allotted time to finish the book when no one was past chapter one the teacher cut down all the reading by half and then by another half when the situation hadn’t improved a week before the presentation. In the end no one finished and I had to tell everyone the end and about everything in between basically spoon feed them all there lines to deliver and create the poster. Although I might seem it by the way I am ranting about this I bear no ill will towards the other members in my group I actually had a lot of fun with that project. Now that I’m done explain the circumstances of the reading I will now go into the content of the material in my next blog.