Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Only one hundred to two hundred more words left and I don't plan on going over by a single word. I am excited because I am going to the Mall of America tomorow or in six hours since I have to stay up late and blog and I plan to enhance my summer wardrobe! I have also been to the library and have a stack of ten enticing books waiting for me to read so over all this is shaping up to be a great spring break also we dont hav to blog over spring break and I absolutely hate this blog so that also makes me happy. I think I have achieved my objective or am very close to it so I will quit for tonight.


When I picked up this book I thought it was just going to be your average teen super hero book. It's simple cover ( displaying a lone super hero mask with a single color backround) and bulkiness(its pretty thick) attracted me, but it turned out to be your average tenn gay super hero book. I enjoyed it fully though. It's about Thom a boy with a healing power he hasn't quite figured out to use to it's full potential yet and can sometime be harmful to himself. Thom is the son of a failed superhero, his father used to be very popular her married another super hero qith the power of invisibility but what made Thom's father so popular was that he technically had no super powers he was just a very hard worker who was trained well enough to fight up to par with other super hero's. But in the end his father mad a wrong choice between saving one wet of lives or another and let one side down, and the whole public turned on him making him the most unpopular guy ever that was also reflected upon Thom. Thom's mom is also out of the picture after having an affair with Thom's father's rival who after Thom's father's fall from grace became the over all leader of all the superhero's she dissappeared. Thom is like the best at basketball and his rival is a id from another counrty who moved to America with a little brother, but you find out later that he also has a super power that is never really clearly stated all you know is he has the ability to move swiftly and dissapear into the shadows. Anyway after people discover Thom is gay they kick him off the basketball team but after Golden Boy a new age version of Flashfiscovers who Thom's parents are based of a picture of his family he dropped while assisting othe super heroes in a train wreck he is invited to the super hero school. Thom auditions into a group after extensive test against his father's will. The group includes a cheeky girl who has cancer and is also there instructer Golden Boy's love interest and a old lady who can forsee the future a man who has the ability to spread germs and some other people I forget. Basicaly to sum it all up in the end The Father's rival turns out to be a bad guy and Thom's group has to pull together to defeat him, Thom's mother also comes back for a little while to help, it turns out that she used her invisibility power too long and now had difficulties changing back. Thom also fall in love with his own rival over a heated game of basket ball and cures the girl with cancer on his team. Happy ending.Yay!

The Princess and the Frog

I am so super excited right now!! My mom bought The Princess and the Frog the new disney princess movie! Well technically I had to pay half even though she still claims she bought it ignoring my ten dollar contribution and holding it over my head. At first when they first started advertising the new Disney Princess movie I was dead set against it. It was appauling that Disney would even consider adding to the exclusive ranks of Disney Princesses. I mean I grew up with the Disney Princesses they were set in stone no adding or subtracting every haloween you had a prealloted number of princesses to choose from and that was that. I upset me greatly this change to an ancient institution such as Disney Princesses. But when my sister came back from college and wanted to go see the movie I quickly got over my boycott of the movie and went to see it with her with the promise to myself to secretly criticue and keep a running monolouge of complaints in my head while I watched. But when I actually watched it I was sucked into to the "wonderful world of Disney" or simplistic "what fun it would be to be a child again" mentality. And the classic happy ending that no Disney film can go without left me with a feeling of euphoria that lasted long after the movie. I am not in the least bit ashamed to admit that I have fallen head over heels in love with an animated Disney Prince. Well head over heels is a bit of an esageration but you get the idea, he had a really cute accent and apathetic attitude that was magically transformed into a upstanding and attentive attitude once he realized he loved Tiana. I also adored the main character Tiana, I mean every Disney Princess is hard working but it's always circumstancial, you dont think Cinderella would be slaving away by choice do you? What I loved about Tian that was different than all the other Disney Princesses was that she worked hard by choice not because her wicked step mother and sister's forced her to but because she was extremely motivated and sincere in her quest to fulfill her dream. And even though I'm talking about how much I loved the main characters(I also loved Louis and Ray and her best friend too, basically everyone.) My favorite character would have to be Tiana's father, even though he was only part of the movie briefly. From now on he is right up there with Gregory Peck as Atticus from To Kill A Mocking Bird as examplary father figures. Over all this was a great addition to the Disney Princess collection and proved that change was good but I will but the better not try to add another Disney Princess or I will still be extremely pissed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So yeah I've got like two hundred words left and I added like a total of two hundred to my last post on word but my computer is stupid and won't let me copy and paste my work from word to my blog which is really frustrating because that is now two hundred words wasted! Also Ive been able to do it all year why can't I all of a sudden!? I also have like three pages of math homework yet tonight because not like this is new news to anyone but I am a shameless procastinator.Not only this but I have to miss two days of track this week and will probably fall behind! I am way over booked UI have to go to work get all my homework done, take my foiegn exchange student to the many event the school plans for them that cost money too! and go to the dance because my foriegn exchange sdtudent wants to and I dont.I believe I have now rambled on long enough time to start math!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I enjoyed this book, I think it's a retelling of a Norwegian folk tale and I was familiar with some aspects of the story, but it could also be taken as a micture of two or three of our fairy tales here one of them including Beuty and the Beast. Rose's mother wants to have a kid for every direction on the compass excluding East because East borne children are supposed to be travlers and somewhat untameable but despite her mother's meticulous planning Rose is borne facing East. There was also a young prince long ago who is captured by a trollish Princess who wants to make him her Husband but the Trolls Father the King is mad at her for kidnapping the boy and turns the boy into a polar bear asaying if he can find love of his own species that willingly lives with him for a yearish without glancing upon his true face at night (he turns into a man at night) he will be free of the spell and the Trolls. Rose's family is hit by bad luck and her sister get's sick the Polarbear comes and says that if they give Rose to him he will bring them good luck. Rose leaves with him willingly and travels to the Polarbears castle very far away. She lives with him for awhile and learns enjoy his companionship but is mystified by the strange man that joins her in bed every night, whenever he comes in none of the candles work so she never gets to see his face. Rose is allowed to visit home once before returning to the castle on her return her mother gives her a special candle that will work even when all the other candles dont. Upon her return she uses the candle one night and see's the Polarbear man's real face. The Ploarbear man who is now always a man is immediately collected by the Troll Queen (her dad died) because he lost his bet, to live with her in her knigdom forever. Rose is kicked out of the castle but since she feels terribly guilty she starts on a quest through the arctice to find her prince. She is saved by a nice widow and her daughter. Once she recovers they help her gain passage to a ship and its drunk captain. As they are heading to the troll Queens palace deep in the arctic somewhere they get caught in a storm and the crew is anihlated. She and the drunk captain make it to the arctic and meet tghe arctic people who agree to guide her as far as possible in her desired direction. After her guide leaves her she manages to get to the castle and work as a slave there. She challenges the queen to a competition winner gets her prince. Rose wins and she and her prince leave and free the slaves. They make it back home where they live happily ever after. Over all a good book I reccomend it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Exposed

I have read two of the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books and though I found them amusing when I was younger I have to say they are utterly preposterous! The front will show a plump stouter version of Mary Popins doing a happy little jig or some other merry pose surrounded by all the unruly children she helped tame or some other variation of that. The stories center around this very same grandma like figure as she help struggling young moms in the neighborhood cure their children’s bad habits or nature. To my knowledge she has cured bullying, avoidance of baths, sharing issues, arguing sisters, tinny bite takers, not cleaning your room, and sickness fakers. Of all these what made me loose faith in Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and her unconventional cures was how she cured the girl who refused to take a bath. Basically she told the mother not to force her to take a bath and let her daughter collect dirt until she was covered with enough o plant a garden. She was then instructed to plant turnip seeds on her daughter’s outer coat of dirt and pick them once they’ve grown. The point was to get the girl so disgusted with herself that she wanted a bath. When I was yo0unger this story fascinated me and left me wondering why I couldn't just grow a small garden upon myself but now it's impossibility and outrageousness disgusts me. Another one of her questionable cures was when a boy took tiny bites when he ate and took forever, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle told his mother to give him a smaller plate, utensils and portions each getting smaller daily, effectively starving the child until he agreed to eat normally. I hate to be a downer (who am I kidding I love being the downer!) on good childish fun but I felt the fraud that is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle needed to be addressed. Did I mention she lives n an upside down house? Ridiculous!