Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

I am so super excited right now!! My mom bought The Princess and the Frog the new disney princess movie! Well technically I had to pay half even though she still claims she bought it ignoring my ten dollar contribution and holding it over my head. At first when they first started advertising the new Disney Princess movie I was dead set against it. It was appauling that Disney would even consider adding to the exclusive ranks of Disney Princesses. I mean I grew up with the Disney Princesses they were set in stone no adding or subtracting every haloween you had a prealloted number of princesses to choose from and that was that. I upset me greatly this change to an ancient institution such as Disney Princesses. But when my sister came back from college and wanted to go see the movie I quickly got over my boycott of the movie and went to see it with her with the promise to myself to secretly criticue and keep a running monolouge of complaints in my head while I watched. But when I actually watched it I was sucked into to the "wonderful world of Disney" or simplistic "what fun it would be to be a child again" mentality. And the classic happy ending that no Disney film can go without left me with a feeling of euphoria that lasted long after the movie. I am not in the least bit ashamed to admit that I have fallen head over heels in love with an animated Disney Prince. Well head over heels is a bit of an esageration but you get the idea, he had a really cute accent and apathetic attitude that was magically transformed into a upstanding and attentive attitude once he realized he loved Tiana. I also adored the main character Tiana, I mean every Disney Princess is hard working but it's always circumstancial, you dont think Cinderella would be slaving away by choice do you? What I loved about Tian that was different than all the other Disney Princesses was that she worked hard by choice not because her wicked step mother and sister's forced her to but because she was extremely motivated and sincere in her quest to fulfill her dream. And even though I'm talking about how much I loved the main characters(I also loved Louis and Ray and her best friend too, basically everyone.) My favorite character would have to be Tiana's father, even though he was only part of the movie briefly. From now on he is right up there with Gregory Peck as Atticus from To Kill A Mocking Bird as examplary father figures. Over all this was a great addition to the Disney Princess collection and proved that change was good but I will but the better not try to add another Disney Princess or I will still be extremely pissed.

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