Sunday, March 14, 2010

So yeah I've got like two hundred words left and I added like a total of two hundred to my last post on word but my computer is stupid and won't let me copy and paste my work from word to my blog which is really frustrating because that is now two hundred words wasted! Also Ive been able to do it all year why can't I all of a sudden!? I also have like three pages of math homework yet tonight because not like this is new news to anyone but I am a shameless procastinator.Not only this but I have to miss two days of track this week and will probably fall behind! I am way over booked UI have to go to work get all my homework done, take my foiegn exchange student to the many event the school plans for them that cost money too! and go to the dance because my foriegn exchange sdtudent wants to and I dont.I believe I have now rambled on long enough time to start math!

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