Sunday, March 21, 2010


When I picked up this book I thought it was just going to be your average teen super hero book. It's simple cover ( displaying a lone super hero mask with a single color backround) and bulkiness(its pretty thick) attracted me, but it turned out to be your average tenn gay super hero book. I enjoyed it fully though. It's about Thom a boy with a healing power he hasn't quite figured out to use to it's full potential yet and can sometime be harmful to himself. Thom is the son of a failed superhero, his father used to be very popular her married another super hero qith the power of invisibility but what made Thom's father so popular was that he technically had no super powers he was just a very hard worker who was trained well enough to fight up to par with other super hero's. But in the end his father mad a wrong choice between saving one wet of lives or another and let one side down, and the whole public turned on him making him the most unpopular guy ever that was also reflected upon Thom. Thom's mom is also out of the picture after having an affair with Thom's father's rival who after Thom's father's fall from grace became the over all leader of all the superhero's she dissappeared. Thom is like the best at basketball and his rival is a id from another counrty who moved to America with a little brother, but you find out later that he also has a super power that is never really clearly stated all you know is he has the ability to move swiftly and dissapear into the shadows. Anyway after people discover Thom is gay they kick him off the basketball team but after Golden Boy a new age version of Flashfiscovers who Thom's parents are based of a picture of his family he dropped while assisting othe super heroes in a train wreck he is invited to the super hero school. Thom auditions into a group after extensive test against his father's will. The group includes a cheeky girl who has cancer and is also there instructer Golden Boy's love interest and a old lady who can forsee the future a man who has the ability to spread germs and some other people I forget. Basicaly to sum it all up in the end The Father's rival turns out to be a bad guy and Thom's group has to pull together to defeat him, Thom's mother also comes back for a little while to help, it turns out that she used her invisibility power too long and now had difficulties changing back. Thom also fall in love with his own rival over a heated game of basket ball and cures the girl with cancer on his team. Happy ending.Yay!

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