Saturday, May 15, 2010

Center Stage

Center Stage is a dance movie I am currently watching with my sister. It is about ABC, American Ballet Company. There are basically fourish six ish main characters but the main main one is Jody. She gets accespted into the academy even though she is worse than everyone else and has to try harder than them all. Charlie who is a promising young male dancer likes Jody but Jody likes Cooper a widely acclaimed talented young dancer. Cooper plays with Jody makes her love him and dumps her, making Charlie hate him. Eva is Jody's best friend she is a extremely talented dancer but her attitude prevents her from getting her big chance. Maureen is the best female dancer(Eva and her are both almost equally good) she has a overprotective and overbearing, nasty mother and is stuck up. The three girls share a room. Maureen falls in love with a handsome young med student who softens her up and she begins to be everyones friend and realizes she hates ballet. Maureen gives up her lead role in Jonothons ballet to Eva last minute because she wants to quit ballet. Jonothon is the directer but a long time ago he stole Coopers fiance and married her so the two have a big grudge Cooper is also a choreagrapher and Jody, Charlie and Eric are supposed to be in his ballet about a girl ballerina (Jody) both a dancer and a director is in love with her. Eric is a male ballet dance in their group who injures himself right before the preformance so Cooper has to take his place in his own ballet. Serge is a Russian who is also in their group has the main male lead in Jonothon's ballet gets into another company entirely the same as his girlfriend. In the end Maureen lives happily ever after with her boyfriend, Eva got to prove herself and makes the company Charlie also makes the company. Coopeer breaks off to make his own more modern company and Jody joins his company. Jody and Charlie end up together and even though Eric was injured he makes the original company too. What makes this movie good is that they use actual dancers. Cooper Jody and Charlie are all profesional dancer in real life so when they dance they show the whole bodies andyou can tell that it's the actual person dancing. Unlike all the other dance movies where they do close ups on the face and legs so you cant tell its actually a profesional doing the dancing and not an actor. Even all the people who arent profesional they almost all have some sort of history with dancing, studying majoring or minoring in it so they all are expierienced. Two of them actually in real life are in the American Ballet Company.

Confesions Of A shopaholic

So i've been reading the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. I'll admit that this book definetly has it's amusing moments it also annoys me. Rebeca Bloomwood or later in the series after she marries Luke Rebecca Brandon is addicted to shopping. The first books centers around her relationship with luke while she fakes her way through a job as a financial consultant even though she is battling a huge debt herself. She is eventually exposed as a fraud though she manages to maintain her relationship with Luke. The other books basically do the same thing she goes through many different issues while battling her overwhelming urge to shop and trie to hang on to Luke. Before I read the books I watched the movie and I actually enjoyed it. But after reading the books the movie began irritating me too. The main character Becky as everyone calls her is just so stupid and ditzy after reading the books I became more aware of this and can no longer fully enjoy the movie. The thing is I love Luke and Becky would be fine even enjoyable if her stupidity and horrible habit was only damaging herself but I hate how it always damges Luke too and Becky being the selfish jerk she is keeps on giving in to her guilty urges even though she knows that Luke is going to suffer too. Rebecca isn't all bad the times when she is actually not being ditzy going on a shoping spree or recaounting her shoping spree for anyone who will listen or hiding all evidence of a shoping spree in a crazy scheme that will get away from her and cause everyone trouble she is actually smart. When Becky is actuall intelligent and giving good advice that actually helps Luke for a change I think they are the perfect couple. An example is in Shopaholic and Sister, after and argument with Luke Becky runs away to a forign country to find her sister.Becky didn't tell anyone she was leaving so they all freak out thinking sometyhing horrible happened to her. Beck meanwhile foolishly follows her sister up a mountain against her sister's wishs and accidentaly falls. She has to get rescued andLuke practically has a heart a side note in Shopaholic and Baby (guess what it's about!) on the back there is a picture of the author's face you usually only see her back and she looks like she belongs in high school.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My gift to my mother on her special day was a vase I had made in ceramics. In all reality it is an extremely nice vase and my sister upon seeing didn't believe that I had made it. The vase was properly shaped and recognizable as a vase and had a very cool winding root tree design on it. Natural;ly this would have been a great gift but I had brought it home a week prior to the holiday and set it out on a public table, so my mother being my mother assumed right away that the vase was automatically hers already. This made it hard to give it to her when she recieved it she said " you already gave this to me". Making me look like a selfish brat of a daughter. I had to explain that she never once heard me utter the words "here, this is for you" but as a tack on gift to redeem myself I had to add on the promise that she could also have my organic creation when it got fired. When asked what it looked like I was forced to admit that it can onluy be used as a paperweight and looked like and artistic mountain of poop slash willowy tree. You may thiink this is not attractive but in all reality I had practically the best organic pot in class I met all the standards and made it look good. It is actually a really cool piece maybe just a little abstract. But in the en to say the least mother was less than thrilled with my contributions to Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Same Stupid Jogger

So do you remember about that jogger I almost ran over who got really mad at me? I blogged about him a while ago but I think we may have noarrowly avoided tradgedy again. I think this was the same jogger and he certainly wasn't smart so this further adds to my suspicion it was the same guy. I was going down a hill at a quick clip in my truck when he comes joggin out of a side road. I know he sees me coming in quick and he knows that I can make it across quick than him but the idiot keeps jogging across the road like he owns it and cars arn't driving down the road. Silly me I actually though he was going to stop, he was going slow enough he didn't even adjust his speed meaning I didn't actually slow down becaus I though he would pause foe like a second and let me pass but no he keeps going across so that if I had actually done what I was supposed to I would have to wait in the middle of the road for him to pass whith his casual pace. But I din't do the right thing I assumed he had brains and some respect that cars were bigger and faster than himself so it got to the point that when I realized he wasn't going to stop if I slammed on my brakes I wouldn't be able to stop in time. I had to swerve right and slightly cut him off but not hit him. He again raised his hands and cussed at me as if he wasn't at fault at all.

Self Destructive

Lately I have been reading like crazy and as a result my homework quality may have dropped slightly. I've noticed this trend before from the last couple years of highschool. When it starts getting towards the end of the year I just shut down and immerse myself in books. I start making two trips a week to the library nad finishing them in one to two days flat. Last year I would get out of class and go to the school library every other day durring the free reading time she gave us to finish Of Mice and Men (I was done with it the second day I got it so I didn't need the free reading time). But this year because of a horrible library fine from a book I returned that I know for sure I returned they just lost it I am avoiding the school library and all the librarians who are semi familiar or were with my face. I also am not as entertained by the school library as I am with the public ones relating directly to the fact that the lack an adult section where I now do all of my browsing. If you are still limiting yourself to the young adult section I strongly suggest you branch out and try the adult section there is much more variety and better writting quality. Of course I don't look down on the teen section I still love Sarah Dessen and embarrassingly enough the twilight saga but I'm just saying the adult section has alot more to offer. But back to my point I don't actually know why I suddenly start reading more towards summer, it's certainly not something I consciously do I just realize after a couple of weeks and a few late assignments later that I have been reading too much. By the time I realize that I have to start reading less and focus on other things it's too late I am already addicted o the larger dose of books and to cut down would be too painful. And some of you may say its not that bad because reading is good but I can assure you that I am learning nothing from my free reading books other than Professional athletes are extremely sexy and make great husbands(this I know is a lie!) and no one waits till marriage anymore. SO as you can see I am not becoming any smarter from my destructive habit but just fooling myself that and giving my self ridiculous outlandish ideas of romance that will never come true leaving me disappointed, bitter and alone. Even with all the negative side effects though I remain pathetically addicted.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Match Me If You Can

This is a romantic comedy book. It stars Annabelle Granger, and Heath Champion. Annabelle is a big time screw up, she comes from a very successful, rich and well known family. Annabelle has just taken over her deceased grangmother's match making buisness and lives at her Grandma's old house but unfortanetly Anna has no expierience or training in the area. Heath is a goodlooking guy who grew up in the trailor parks but is now filthy rich and successful through hard work. Heath is a work obsessed but decides to hire a match maker so he can complete his life schedule of being married before a certain age and starting a family. He wants a successful, pretty and strong woman to be a perfect trophy wife no love required, he just wants the position filled. By the way Heath is one of the most predominant sports agents around. Heath hire Portia Powers to match him but decides to hire Annabelle too after she practicall begs him. Heath and Annabelle become fast friends and he soon changes her job to simply sitting in on all his ten minute matches if their her matches or Portia's because she is good at creating a converstional mood and quickly getting rid of rejects. Portia who is a very strict and professional woman hates this but has to comply to her clients wishes. Heath is trying to land a big client Dean the football star but because the athletes coach like person hates Heath's guts Dean doesn't want to get involved (due to a bad dating expierience) Dean finds out that Annabelle is friends with Dean's coachish and tries to use her to improve their relationship so he can land his client. Throughout this Heath and Annabelle's relationship strengthens and Heath often drops by her house and is filled with sexual tension. Heath decides to accompany Annabelle on a woods retreat that involves the coachish person. Over the retreat Annabelle and him share a cabin and as you can guess the inevitable happens. Annabelle is conflicted because she's supposed to be matching him with someone but soon decides it's okay shell see Heath married anyway and be done with it. Heath is slightly offended she brushed him aside so easily but after seeing how well she interacts with all his athletic clientelle he comes to the stunning revelation that Annabelle is actually the perfect trophy wife hes been lokking for.After he meets Annabelle's successful family he immediatly loves them and decides to propose to Annabelle. Annabell upon being proposed to by Heath is very mad, she thinks she only wants her because she loves her family and is well aquainted with his wish for nothing more than a trophy wife and doesn't want to live in a marriage without love. Once Heath fails to say I love you Annabelle storms out. Heath soon latter realizes he does actually love Annabelle but cant find her to tell her. He has to brave her overprotective book club to find out where she is and skips work for the first time to locate her. He finds her tells her and she doesn't believe hi at first but after awhile she coes around and then you can guess how they celebrate. They get married and it ends with a flash forward where the have a baby son and everyone is happy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Because I already wrote an extremely long blog about Harry Potter I will now write about Pokemon. I was feeling particularly bored today after I was kicked out of the basement and away from the computer (located in the basement) so I did what any mature highschooler would and decided to dust of my gameboy and play some Pokemon. I was aslways and continue to be a impatient pokemon trainer. I could never train my pokemon for long periods of time so they could rack up expierience or wander in the caves until I battled my way out. If things got too hard or took too long I would deem it impossible and hand the gameboy to my sister to complete. So it was no surprise when I picked up two different games one of them mine where I was currently stuck in a cave I never fought my way out of and had a handful of weak pokemon. The other game was my sisters and the whole game was already done and her pokemon were all extremely rare and unbelievably strong. Discouraged after comparing the two I folowed my usual methods and erased my game entirely rather than working it out and started a new one that will inevitably be erased latter after I once again get impatient. Creating new beginings is always the most fun part to me, the making up names and finding new pokemon I just bore of it after a while and start a new game. In my whole life I think Iv'e onlty completed a whole game of Pokemon three times which is crazy if you take into account how obsessed I was about it when I was a kid. Everyday when my sister and I got home from school we would watch pokemon and I still have alol my pokemon cards, which I now want to get rid of but since it went out of wtyle so quickly no one wants them.