Saturday, May 15, 2010

Center Stage

Center Stage is a dance movie I am currently watching with my sister. It is about ABC, American Ballet Company. There are basically fourish six ish main characters but the main main one is Jody. She gets accespted into the academy even though she is worse than everyone else and has to try harder than them all. Charlie who is a promising young male dancer likes Jody but Jody likes Cooper a widely acclaimed talented young dancer. Cooper plays with Jody makes her love him and dumps her, making Charlie hate him. Eva is Jody's best friend she is a extremely talented dancer but her attitude prevents her from getting her big chance. Maureen is the best female dancer(Eva and her are both almost equally good) she has a overprotective and overbearing, nasty mother and is stuck up. The three girls share a room. Maureen falls in love with a handsome young med student who softens her up and she begins to be everyones friend and realizes she hates ballet. Maureen gives up her lead role in Jonothons ballet to Eva last minute because she wants to quit ballet. Jonothon is the directer but a long time ago he stole Coopers fiance and married her so the two have a big grudge Cooper is also a choreagrapher and Jody, Charlie and Eric are supposed to be in his ballet about a girl ballerina (Jody) both a dancer and a director is in love with her. Eric is a male ballet dance in their group who injures himself right before the preformance so Cooper has to take his place in his own ballet. Serge is a Russian who is also in their group has the main male lead in Jonothon's ballet gets into another company entirely the same as his girlfriend. In the end Maureen lives happily ever after with her boyfriend, Eva got to prove herself and makes the company Charlie also makes the company. Coopeer breaks off to make his own more modern company and Jody joins his company. Jody and Charlie end up together and even though Eric was injured he makes the original company too. What makes this movie good is that they use actual dancers. Cooper Jody and Charlie are all profesional dancer in real life so when they dance they show the whole bodies andyou can tell that it's the actual person dancing. Unlike all the other dance movies where they do close ups on the face and legs so you cant tell its actually a profesional doing the dancing and not an actor. Even all the people who arent profesional they almost all have some sort of history with dancing, studying majoring or minoring in it so they all are expierienced. Two of them actually in real life are in the American Ballet Company.

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