Thursday, May 6, 2010

Self Destructive

Lately I have been reading like crazy and as a result my homework quality may have dropped slightly. I've noticed this trend before from the last couple years of highschool. When it starts getting towards the end of the year I just shut down and immerse myself in books. I start making two trips a week to the library nad finishing them in one to two days flat. Last year I would get out of class and go to the school library every other day durring the free reading time she gave us to finish Of Mice and Men (I was done with it the second day I got it so I didn't need the free reading time). But this year because of a horrible library fine from a book I returned that I know for sure I returned they just lost it I am avoiding the school library and all the librarians who are semi familiar or were with my face. I also am not as entertained by the school library as I am with the public ones relating directly to the fact that the lack an adult section where I now do all of my browsing. If you are still limiting yourself to the young adult section I strongly suggest you branch out and try the adult section there is much more variety and better writting quality. Of course I don't look down on the teen section I still love Sarah Dessen and embarrassingly enough the twilight saga but I'm just saying the adult section has alot more to offer. But back to my point I don't actually know why I suddenly start reading more towards summer, it's certainly not something I consciously do I just realize after a couple of weeks and a few late assignments later that I have been reading too much. By the time I realize that I have to start reading less and focus on other things it's too late I am already addicted o the larger dose of books and to cut down would be too painful. And some of you may say its not that bad because reading is good but I can assure you that I am learning nothing from my free reading books other than Professional athletes are extremely sexy and make great husbands(this I know is a lie!) and no one waits till marriage anymore. SO as you can see I am not becoming any smarter from my destructive habit but just fooling myself that and giving my self ridiculous outlandish ideas of romance that will never come true leaving me disappointed, bitter and alone. Even with all the negative side effects though I remain pathetically addicted.

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