Sunday, December 20, 2009

I am a proud underachiever

So I guess I won’t be blogging for awhile, seeing as I’m not required to and I’ve never really been accused of being an over achiever. I’ll make this brief I only have slightly more than a hundred words left and I have no plans whatsoever of going over that. I am really tired right now even though it is only eleven but I was forced to get up early this morning to go watch little kids in the nursery and watch an over extravagant Christmas show put on by the church. Also my ipod that I love and have a extensive music collection on temporarily broke, it’s okay now but I was really worried there for a second. I think that about cover all the words I needed and I am free of this for two weeks or so!


I totally forgot about blogs until a second ago so I am foregoing my math home work to get this done and will most likely complete my math home work during lunch. Luckily instead of looking up Chuck Norris jokes and other amusing tidbits during our time in the computer lab I was able to complete a blog earlier this week with the majority of all the words I am required to fulfill each week so I only have a few left. But concerning my last blog for my part I do believe that I took my first successful school picture of my high school career! Although right after I took it I noticed that she didn’t even glance at the screen where my picture had popped up to check for blinking or any other obvious flaw in my appearance, this kind of rushed work is what led to my horrible freshman picture with my eyes closed. I’m really hoping I wasn’t blinking, this time if I am I’m keeping them anyway, I am not going to take any retakes this year. Because apparently sense it is now mandatory to enclose a link of some sort in your blogs I will leave you another one of those amusing websites that I mentioned I look up during class other than the Chuck Norris one I already have in a previous blog.
That should lead to Google images page full of my favorite animal in the world!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picture Day!

How I truly dread this day. I have a bad history with picture day starting from elementary school and up. My first school picture in first grade I put on my best and biggest smile for the nice lady wearing my favorite techno color puppy dog shirt with the matching stripedy pants not that that matters seeing as you aren’t shown below the waist. When the pictures came back I had my mouth hanging wide open in a big semi toothless grin and my eyes squinting shut, consequently I also missed retakes that year. The next year I started a game with the nice picture lady’s it was called “don’t smile no matter what they tell you” unfortunately the pictures ladies didn’t find it as amusing as me. I t was from second grade on up that I took retakes every year. I took picture after picture all of my scowling face, of course in bargain I would always smile for the retake but the smile was never much better it always looked goofy somehow( even though I really did try to take good retakes). I only missed one other retake and that was when I couldn’t find my check even though it was in my bag the whole time. My older sister attending the same elementary school as me often got comments on me from the picture ladies, all of them negative, one lady said “are you that girls sister? I had the hardest time getting her to smile”. Once in middle school I matured and smiled the first time when asked and got a lot of forced smiles but that was better than scowls. The trouble started up again in high school though I have been here three years and before today have taken only two school pictures to document my time here both didn’t turn out well. The first one I can’t really take all the blame for I was wearing my fruit shirt and having a fantastic hair day everything seemed great and when I got done taking my picture I had a good feeling about it. Except when I actually got the pictures back my eyes were completely closed, not that half open you caught me in the middle of a blink but that I’m totally asleep and unaware type, completely closed. My smile was great so It would’ve been a great picture if didn’t look like I was smiling beautifully in my sleep. The first thing I did when I got them was hide them from my friends which just made them want to see it more, and find my sister, I pulled her away from her friends and showed her my disastrous picture. The first thing she did was laugh then she called over all her friends so they could laugh too, after that she took a picture on her phone of my picture so she could show it to others, she was not very helpful. By then my friends all wanted to see too and now since practically the whole junior class had I figured what was the harm. The liars said they wouldn’t laugh but they all did anyway as did my parents when I brought them home. On the day of retakes I asked my teacher if I could leave class for the retakes he in return asked to see the picture that I needed to retake, my teacher found it hilarious “that’s terrible he exclaimed” and promptly showed to the entire class. This may sound mean but by then I had come to find it funny too and took pleasure from all the attention. When I showed it to the lady doing my retake she also found it bad and wished aloud that she was not the one who took it, luckily she wasn’t and she took extra efforts to make me look pretty in my retake picture. Finally last year I forgot to take pictures altogether or rather lost the check. I didn’t get pictures that year and mom was kind of mad seeing as she now as all my pictures excluding my sophomore year, also mysteriously the check I lost was cashed. We paid but didn’t get the product. So due to all this I am going to try really hard to take a amazing picture this year!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have absolutely nothing to write about. My Google I’m feeling lucky button isn’t working out as well as I’d hoped. I’m not getting enough information that I can actually use and it’s a lot more boring for me and probably the reader than you can imagine. I mayhave to rethink my topic change and come up with a new one, but for now I ‘m just going to struggle with my blog until I can come up with a new topic. I’ll ask my sister for suggestions when she comes home, It’s unfair but colleges dismiss this Wednesday. I’m hoping for another three snow days this week but I guess I can settle for two snow days too. I am really at a loss here about what I should write about so I’m just going to end this early, hopefully I’ll have more to write about next week or a new topic that actually works.

Chuck Norris

As I told you in my previous post this one will be about how my mom was a jerk but on second thought I don’t think that’s a good idea I was just mad at the time. I will write about Chuck Norris instead, always an agreeable alternative. I have roughly eight hundred words left and I’m not sure if I can describe the awesomeness of Chuck Norris in only eight hundred words. I typed in the name to Google as usual and came up with Chuck Norris Facts. Theese are a few of my favorites.
If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.
Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.
Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Chuck Norris has 72... and they're all poisonous.
Chuck Norris’ house has no doors, only walls that he walks through
It takes Chuck Norris 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes
Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door
These are only a few of them there are some pretty awesome ones there I didn’t get down I strongly suggest you read them. For those of you unfortunate should that don’t know who chuck Norris is I will give you a rough description. He is an American Martial artist competing with all the oriental martial artists profiting from the movie making business. He has many films among them are Breaker! Breaker! And Lone Wolf McGuire . I have not watched a single one of his films but came to be a fan of his by all the many jokes made about him and the many slightly ridiculous pictures of Chuck Norris shitless and holding big guns, as in machine guns not muscle ones though he is very muscular. He looks like the average coy boy slash martial artist but he has reached a whole new level of infamy than other martial artists and cowboys. People who don’t even know who he is make jokes about how tough he is. He even made a commercial once where these boys posted a embarrassing picture of him online, Chuck Norris found them and beat them up. I don’t even remember what the commercial was for. My sister is the one who got me into Chuck Norris Her and her friends even had a Chuck Norris Party where they watched all his films back to back and created Chuck Norris puns. That is about all I have to say about Chuck Norris.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ashely Stubbs

For no reason in particular I typed in "Ashley" into google and clicked on I'm feeling lucky, It came up with Ashley furniture store,now normally if I was going to follow my new topic I would write about Ashley furniture store but unfortunately My teacher who's name I cant reveal to you for privacy reasons frown upon us advertising companies in our blogs and I am not all that interested in furniture so I'll move on. I then typed in "stubbs" again for no particular reason, it's not like that name has any significance to me, and came up with Stubbs Island Whale Watching. I found this ironic because when my family went to Hawaii my father lets call him Girk Blubbs stood outside on the balcony overlooking the water for hours trying to spot a whale. Sadly he never saw one and was only brought to believe he would by a very misleading diary left by the former occupants of the room saying they saw whales regularly. Obviosly they were liars and my father was gulliable. My mother Lina Klubs which sounds like a fake name if I've ever heard one, has a whale fetish we have a ton of kiler whale stautes scattered about the house. I will no give you the link for Ashley furniture store and stubbs whale watching. I'm really mad at my mom right now so my next entry will be about why she is such a jerk.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I technically should be starting my new blog theme this entry seeing as I just posted one explaining the topic change but to tell the truth I am too lazy. I only have around a hundred and fifty words left and I just don’t feel like starting a whole new blog theme right now. I did exactly what everyone told me not to and saved all my homework for the last day. With the new trimester I have new freedom, I have two classes do not require to do your home work by the next day, you have the entire week to do the home work and it’s all due the next week. I had two friends and the teacher repeatedly warn me just because you don’t have to do it right away you should anyway and I decided I would learn the hard way.

The New Topic

So I guess now that I have my license the quest is basically over, do I may have to consider a title change. Then Again I am generally a lazy person and I really don’t feel like taking all the trouble of brainstorming new name ideas, changing the name, I already have to change the theme. Besides everyone who actually reads this will find my blog much easier to locate if I don’t switch my name suddenly. There is also a new policy that we must contain a link, picture or a video in every blog. There are very few videos, pictures or links that can be related to my topic of choice. My new topic isn’t going to be set in stone, it will be switching almost every entry. I will type in random names into Google and click the I’m feeling lucky button, a random article will pop up which I will write about whatever comes up for the name, sometimes you get something really random so it should be interesting. Every once in awhile if something exciting happens I may break away from my topic to go on about all my fantastic adventures. I will most likely still pop out funny driving story every once in awhile. I will enclose a link to a random picture of a sloth which I find to be the absolute best animal on the face of this earth.


I am truly sorry to all my devoted readers who I have kept in utter suspense these past two weeks. I have finally achieved my goal! I am now the proud owner of a intermediate license. Technically I am old enough to get my full one but since it took me so long I have to drive with a restricted one for a full year. But right now I’m just so happy to be able to drive by myself that I really couldn’t care less about the restriction. Now since I got all that off my chest I will now tell you all about the actual drive. My seventh and final drive began more negatively than my other drives. It started when one of my friends told me she thought I would never get my license or at least not any time soon, the day before I test drove. When I actually arrived at the desk I was greeted by DOT lady number two or three that I had drove with two times and who failed me in the parking lot twice. When I handed her my papers that she herself had signed twice she recognized me immediately, this is how our conversation went:
Her: “I’ve driven with you before haven’t I?”
Me: “yep, twice.”
Her: “failed in the parking lot right?”
Me: “Uh, yeah but I’ve made it out of the parking lot twice now.”
Her: “Well, good for you! Good luck!”
After my number was called we tried to go to the library which didn’t open for another half hour so I had to hang out at the half price book store until it was time to go back. I had to repeat DOT ladies again for the drive and she too recognized me right away; we had another nice conversation on how Ashley failed in the parking lot. I won’t bother to explain every little detail of the drive I already have many other entries doing that and it would seem slightly redundant. Sometime in the drive I’m not actually sure when I just gave up. At one point I actually said “that was a fail”. When we were back in the parking lot she took forever to add up all my points even though I was positive I had already failed while I moped in my corner of the car. When she finally finished she informed me that she hadn’t failed me yet when I said that was a fail and I shouldn’t have given up on my drive so easily. She then gave me my point total which meant nothing to me because I wasn’t listening at the beginning when she told me how many points I needed, when she told me I passed I didn’t believe her right away, I had to ask her three times if she was serious. If I had missed one more point I would have failed again. I practically skipped back to the building where I was asked to sign a bunch of papers to be an organ donor. As I was signing up to give away all my organs one of the DOT ladies I had driven with before gave me a thumbs up and while I was going to get my picture another one said congratulations while the lady at the check in table that had wished me good luck earlier gave me a thumbs up too. I ended up taking a decent picture and going to Mc Donald’s to celebrate. I even got to drive to work later that day, except that halfway through my work shift my parents realized that I wasn’t on our insurance yet so they both had to come pick me up so one could drive home their vehicle and the other could drive me home. Since then I have driven to work seven times and counting.