Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picture Day!

How I truly dread this day. I have a bad history with picture day starting from elementary school and up. My first school picture in first grade I put on my best and biggest smile for the nice lady wearing my favorite techno color puppy dog shirt with the matching stripedy pants not that that matters seeing as you aren’t shown below the waist. When the pictures came back I had my mouth hanging wide open in a big semi toothless grin and my eyes squinting shut, consequently I also missed retakes that year. The next year I started a game with the nice picture lady’s it was called “don’t smile no matter what they tell you” unfortunately the pictures ladies didn’t find it as amusing as me. I t was from second grade on up that I took retakes every year. I took picture after picture all of my scowling face, of course in bargain I would always smile for the retake but the smile was never much better it always looked goofy somehow( even though I really did try to take good retakes). I only missed one other retake and that was when I couldn’t find my check even though it was in my bag the whole time. My older sister attending the same elementary school as me often got comments on me from the picture ladies, all of them negative, one lady said “are you that girls sister? I had the hardest time getting her to smile”. Once in middle school I matured and smiled the first time when asked and got a lot of forced smiles but that was better than scowls. The trouble started up again in high school though I have been here three years and before today have taken only two school pictures to document my time here both didn’t turn out well. The first one I can’t really take all the blame for I was wearing my fruit shirt and having a fantastic hair day everything seemed great and when I got done taking my picture I had a good feeling about it. Except when I actually got the pictures back my eyes were completely closed, not that half open you caught me in the middle of a blink but that I’m totally asleep and unaware type, completely closed. My smile was great so It would’ve been a great picture if didn’t look like I was smiling beautifully in my sleep. The first thing I did when I got them was hide them from my friends which just made them want to see it more, and find my sister, I pulled her away from her friends and showed her my disastrous picture. The first thing she did was laugh then she called over all her friends so they could laugh too, after that she took a picture on her phone of my picture so she could show it to others, she was not very helpful. By then my friends all wanted to see too and now since practically the whole junior class had I figured what was the harm. The liars said they wouldn’t laugh but they all did anyway as did my parents when I brought them home. On the day of retakes I asked my teacher if I could leave class for the retakes he in return asked to see the picture that I needed to retake, my teacher found it hilarious “that’s terrible he exclaimed” and promptly showed to the entire class. This may sound mean but by then I had come to find it funny too and took pleasure from all the attention. When I showed it to the lady doing my retake she also found it bad and wished aloud that she was not the one who took it, luckily she wasn’t and she took extra efforts to make me look pretty in my retake picture. Finally last year I forgot to take pictures altogether or rather lost the check. I didn’t get pictures that year and mom was kind of mad seeing as she now as all my pictures excluding my sophomore year, also mysteriously the check I lost was cashed. We paid but didn’t get the product. So due to all this I am going to try really hard to take a amazing picture this year!

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