Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am truly sorry to all my devoted readers who I have kept in utter suspense these past two weeks. I have finally achieved my goal! I am now the proud owner of a intermediate license. Technically I am old enough to get my full one but since it took me so long I have to drive with a restricted one for a full year. But right now I’m just so happy to be able to drive by myself that I really couldn’t care less about the restriction. Now since I got all that off my chest I will now tell you all about the actual drive. My seventh and final drive began more negatively than my other drives. It started when one of my friends told me she thought I would never get my license or at least not any time soon, the day before I test drove. When I actually arrived at the desk I was greeted by DOT lady number two or three that I had drove with two times and who failed me in the parking lot twice. When I handed her my papers that she herself had signed twice she recognized me immediately, this is how our conversation went:
Her: “I’ve driven with you before haven’t I?”
Me: “yep, twice.”
Her: “failed in the parking lot right?”
Me: “Uh, yeah but I’ve made it out of the parking lot twice now.”
Her: “Well, good for you! Good luck!”
After my number was called we tried to go to the library which didn’t open for another half hour so I had to hang out at the half price book store until it was time to go back. I had to repeat DOT ladies again for the drive and she too recognized me right away; we had another nice conversation on how Ashley failed in the parking lot. I won’t bother to explain every little detail of the drive I already have many other entries doing that and it would seem slightly redundant. Sometime in the drive I’m not actually sure when I just gave up. At one point I actually said “that was a fail”. When we were back in the parking lot she took forever to add up all my points even though I was positive I had already failed while I moped in my corner of the car. When she finally finished she informed me that she hadn’t failed me yet when I said that was a fail and I shouldn’t have given up on my drive so easily. She then gave me my point total which meant nothing to me because I wasn’t listening at the beginning when she told me how many points I needed, when she told me I passed I didn’t believe her right away, I had to ask her three times if she was serious. If I had missed one more point I would have failed again. I practically skipped back to the building where I was asked to sign a bunch of papers to be an organ donor. As I was signing up to give away all my organs one of the DOT ladies I had driven with before gave me a thumbs up and while I was going to get my picture another one said congratulations while the lady at the check in table that had wished me good luck earlier gave me a thumbs up too. I ended up taking a decent picture and going to Mc Donald’s to celebrate. I even got to drive to work later that day, except that halfway through my work shift my parents realized that I wasn’t on our insurance yet so they both had to come pick me up so one could drive home their vehicle and the other could drive me home. Since then I have driven to work seven times and counting.

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