Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Remain Undefeated!

So I’m going to sort of rush through this, I have to write an annotated bibliography after this and bibliographies happen to be the thing I fear most. I always save the bibliographies to the last possible day and then struggle endlessly to produce at best a faulty bibliography. Those were just normal bibliographies I’m told that annotated bibliographies are much harder. I plan on test driving next Saturday and am almost positive that it will be the last time. I came so close last time if I just move my head a little more when crossing intersections and if I can repeat everything I did last time I will definitely pass. And will be back next week with some positive news to blog about and will end whole quest for a license theme with much relief. And if I don’t pass and have to keep up this boring blog I give everyone full permission to laugh at me, chances are I will probably be laughing too.

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