Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Importance of Public Television

you have all already read about my failure at the Drivers station that I was able to describe for you in approximately seven hundred words and have a total five hundred left to split between two blogs. I have no new material that directly relates directly to my selected topic of driving or more specifically my driver’s license which is currently nonexistent. Due to all this I will simply choose to lament on whatever comes into my mind first which happens to be my channel selection because I am currently watching TV. I will swallow my pride and admit that I am currently watching rescue heroes and have been known to watch IPTV and have all the theme songs memorized. I know this sounds sad and in reality it is very sad of a teenager but in reality the shows aren’t that bad. The reason I watch them is simply because we don’t have cable dish or anything at my house. We receive very few channels and IPTV and qubo/ion are some of the only channels we receive. But it’s not all bad we do get ABC and some other channels allowing me to still enjoy shows like Grey’s Anatomy (that stopped being good as soon as they fired Burke) Glee and NCIS. I have learned the difference between hard and soft c and g and what a limerick is. I have learned the definitions to peculiar on Martha Speaks and what suspicious means on Word girl. I’d say it’s all been worth it for these valuable lessons.

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