Sunday, December 20, 2009


I totally forgot about blogs until a second ago so I am foregoing my math home work to get this done and will most likely complete my math home work during lunch. Luckily instead of looking up Chuck Norris jokes and other amusing tidbits during our time in the computer lab I was able to complete a blog earlier this week with the majority of all the words I am required to fulfill each week so I only have a few left. But concerning my last blog for my part I do believe that I took my first successful school picture of my high school career! Although right after I took it I noticed that she didn’t even glance at the screen where my picture had popped up to check for blinking or any other obvious flaw in my appearance, this kind of rushed work is what led to my horrible freshman picture with my eyes closed. I’m really hoping I wasn’t blinking, this time if I am I’m keeping them anyway, I am not going to take any retakes this year. Because apparently sense it is now mandatory to enclose a link of some sort in your blogs I will leave you another one of those amusing websites that I mentioned I look up during class other than the Chuck Norris one I already have in a previous blog.
That should lead to Google images page full of my favorite animal in the world!

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