Sunday, December 6, 2009

The New Topic

So I guess now that I have my license the quest is basically over, do I may have to consider a title change. Then Again I am generally a lazy person and I really don’t feel like taking all the trouble of brainstorming new name ideas, changing the name, I already have to change the theme. Besides everyone who actually reads this will find my blog much easier to locate if I don’t switch my name suddenly. There is also a new policy that we must contain a link, picture or a video in every blog. There are very few videos, pictures or links that can be related to my topic of choice. My new topic isn’t going to be set in stone, it will be switching almost every entry. I will type in random names into Google and click the I’m feeling lucky button, a random article will pop up which I will write about whatever comes up for the name, sometimes you get something really random so it should be interesting. Every once in awhile if something exciting happens I may break away from my topic to go on about all my fantastic adventures. I will most likely still pop out funny driving story every once in awhile. I will enclose a link to a random picture of a sloth which I find to be the absolute best animal on the face of this earth.

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