Friday, December 11, 2009

Ashely Stubbs

For no reason in particular I typed in "Ashley" into google and clicked on I'm feeling lucky, It came up with Ashley furniture store,now normally if I was going to follow my new topic I would write about Ashley furniture store but unfortunately My teacher who's name I cant reveal to you for privacy reasons frown upon us advertising companies in our blogs and I am not all that interested in furniture so I'll move on. I then typed in "stubbs" again for no particular reason, it's not like that name has any significance to me, and came up with Stubbs Island Whale Watching. I found this ironic because when my family went to Hawaii my father lets call him Girk Blubbs stood outside on the balcony overlooking the water for hours trying to spot a whale. Sadly he never saw one and was only brought to believe he would by a very misleading diary left by the former occupants of the room saying they saw whales regularly. Obviosly they were liars and my father was gulliable. My mother Lina Klubs which sounds like a fake name if I've ever heard one, has a whale fetish we have a ton of kiler whale stautes scattered about the house. I will no give you the link for Ashley furniture store and stubbs whale watching. I'm really mad at my mom right now so my next entry will be about why she is such a jerk.

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