Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My gift to my mother on her special day was a vase I had made in ceramics. In all reality it is an extremely nice vase and my sister upon seeing didn't believe that I had made it. The vase was properly shaped and recognizable as a vase and had a very cool winding root tree design on it. Natural;ly this would have been a great gift but I had brought it home a week prior to the holiday and set it out on a public table, so my mother being my mother assumed right away that the vase was automatically hers already. This made it hard to give it to her when she recieved it she said " you already gave this to me". Making me look like a selfish brat of a daughter. I had to explain that she never once heard me utter the words "here, this is for you" but as a tack on gift to redeem myself I had to add on the promise that she could also have my organic creation when it got fired. When asked what it looked like I was forced to admit that it can onluy be used as a paperweight and looked like and artistic mountain of poop slash willowy tree. You may thiink this is not attractive but in all reality I had practically the best organic pot in class I met all the standards and made it look good. It is actually a really cool piece maybe just a little abstract. But in the en to say the least mother was less than thrilled with my contributions to Mother's Day.

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