Saturday, May 15, 2010

Confesions Of A shopaholic

So i've been reading the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. I'll admit that this book definetly has it's amusing moments it also annoys me. Rebeca Bloomwood or later in the series after she marries Luke Rebecca Brandon is addicted to shopping. The first books centers around her relationship with luke while she fakes her way through a job as a financial consultant even though she is battling a huge debt herself. She is eventually exposed as a fraud though she manages to maintain her relationship with Luke. The other books basically do the same thing she goes through many different issues while battling her overwhelming urge to shop and trie to hang on to Luke. Before I read the books I watched the movie and I actually enjoyed it. But after reading the books the movie began irritating me too. The main character Becky as everyone calls her is just so stupid and ditzy after reading the books I became more aware of this and can no longer fully enjoy the movie. The thing is I love Luke and Becky would be fine even enjoyable if her stupidity and horrible habit was only damaging herself but I hate how it always damges Luke too and Becky being the selfish jerk she is keeps on giving in to her guilty urges even though she knows that Luke is going to suffer too. Rebecca isn't all bad the times when she is actually not being ditzy going on a shoping spree or recaounting her shoping spree for anyone who will listen or hiding all evidence of a shoping spree in a crazy scheme that will get away from her and cause everyone trouble she is actually smart. When Becky is actuall intelligent and giving good advice that actually helps Luke for a change I think they are the perfect couple. An example is in Shopaholic and Sister, after and argument with Luke Becky runs away to a forign country to find her sister.Becky didn't tell anyone she was leaving so they all freak out thinking sometyhing horrible happened to her. Beck meanwhile foolishly follows her sister up a mountain against her sister's wishs and accidentaly falls. She has to get rescued andLuke practically has a heart a side note in Shopaholic and Baby (guess what it's about!) on the back there is a picture of the author's face you usually only see her back and she looks like she belongs in high school.

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