Thursday, May 6, 2010

Same Stupid Jogger

So do you remember about that jogger I almost ran over who got really mad at me? I blogged about him a while ago but I think we may have noarrowly avoided tradgedy again. I think this was the same jogger and he certainly wasn't smart so this further adds to my suspicion it was the same guy. I was going down a hill at a quick clip in my truck when he comes joggin out of a side road. I know he sees me coming in quick and he knows that I can make it across quick than him but the idiot keeps jogging across the road like he owns it and cars arn't driving down the road. Silly me I actually though he was going to stop, he was going slow enough he didn't even adjust his speed meaning I didn't actually slow down becaus I though he would pause foe like a second and let me pass but no he keeps going across so that if I had actually done what I was supposed to I would have to wait in the middle of the road for him to pass whith his casual pace. But I din't do the right thing I assumed he had brains and some respect that cars were bigger and faster than himself so it got to the point that when I realized he wasn't going to stop if I slammed on my brakes I wouldn't be able to stop in time. I had to swerve right and slightly cut him off but not hit him. He again raised his hands and cussed at me as if he wasn't at fault at all.

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