Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Match Me If You Can

This is a romantic comedy book. It stars Annabelle Granger, and Heath Champion. Annabelle is a big time screw up, she comes from a very successful, rich and well known family. Annabelle has just taken over her deceased grangmother's match making buisness and lives at her Grandma's old house but unfortanetly Anna has no expierience or training in the area. Heath is a goodlooking guy who grew up in the trailor parks but is now filthy rich and successful through hard work. Heath is a work obsessed but decides to hire a match maker so he can complete his life schedule of being married before a certain age and starting a family. He wants a successful, pretty and strong woman to be a perfect trophy wife no love required, he just wants the position filled. By the way Heath is one of the most predominant sports agents around. Heath hire Portia Powers to match him but decides to hire Annabelle too after she practicall begs him. Heath and Annabelle become fast friends and he soon changes her job to simply sitting in on all his ten minute matches if their her matches or Portia's because she is good at creating a converstional mood and quickly getting rid of rejects. Portia who is a very strict and professional woman hates this but has to comply to her clients wishes. Heath is trying to land a big client Dean the football star but because the athletes coach like person hates Heath's guts Dean doesn't want to get involved (due to a bad dating expierience) Dean finds out that Annabelle is friends with Dean's coachish and tries to use her to improve their relationship so he can land his client. Throughout this Heath and Annabelle's relationship strengthens and Heath often drops by her house and is filled with sexual tension. Heath decides to accompany Annabelle on a woods retreat that involves the coachish person. Over the retreat Annabelle and him share a cabin and as you can guess the inevitable happens. Annabelle is conflicted because she's supposed to be matching him with someone but soon decides it's okay shell see Heath married anyway and be done with it. Heath is slightly offended she brushed him aside so easily but after seeing how well she interacts with all his athletic clientelle he comes to the stunning revelation that Annabelle is actually the perfect trophy wife hes been lokking for.After he meets Annabelle's successful family he immediatly loves them and decides to propose to Annabelle. Annabell upon being proposed to by Heath is very mad, she thinks she only wants her because she loves her family and is well aquainted with his wish for nothing more than a trophy wife and doesn't want to live in a marriage without love. Once Heath fails to say I love you Annabelle storms out. Heath soon latter realizes he does actually love Annabelle but cant find her to tell her. He has to brave her overprotective book club to find out where she is and skips work for the first time to locate her. He finds her tells her and she doesn't believe hi at first but after awhile she coes around and then you can guess how they celebrate. They get married and it ends with a flash forward where the have a baby son and everyone is happy.

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