Sunday, April 18, 2010

Annoying books

There is absolutely nothing I hate more than a novel about teenage romance where the girl doesn't get the guy. It is almost as bad when there's two guys one hot and one loser and the girl chooses the geek because he's got a better personality.What crap is this?! Seriously anyone can get a geek I want to read about a petty romance where a hot guy that everyone want fall for a unlikely girl and the both live happilly ever after or untill the book ends. The whole point of reading those books is to be transported to a place where the impossible can happen and you can dream that maybe just maybe you can bag a hottie liek that.That is bad enough but it's even worse when she doesn't get the guy at all. Usually becayse she finds out the guy while being gorgeous is also a jerk. No! No! When I read that type of books all hot guys are nice, gallant, committed,entertaining, gentlemen. Whats even worse is if the whole book it leads you on makes you ooh and ahh over the ideal romance cringe with jealosy but then all of a sudden towards the end way too late for you to quit reading they discover hes a jerk and end the book alone. My aversion toward theese endings may have something to do with that I am of the mentality that how the story ends is how the characters are forever. They are eternally stuck in a state of bliss and contentment or misery and independence hoping things will get better. no things wont get better that was the last page there is nop more story or time for you to find your sould mate you sre stuck alone forever.

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