Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nora Roberts and others alike

While I have been finding myself attract6ed to this author's novels as of late I have got to say that she pisses me off. Not her specifically but her type. Nora Roberts takes up like a whole two shelves worth at the library definetly a sign that she has written too much. I mean if you can write that much it's almost a given that you will run out of original ideas and if you dont it just disgusts me that someone has written so much and makes me think that they are too ful of themselves. That and Ilike to be contrary and would definetly boycott reading certain author's just because their success makes me mad for no explainable reason and to go against the hordes of adoring readers. Well any way that is not the only reason Nora Roberts and her kind annoy me. I have noticed that on evey one of her books it says "number one Ney York Times Best Selling Aurthor". This is to make you think at first that the book in your hand is a best selling book but you later realize that the book you are now reading has one no acknowledgements, she is just chalking up her title for all it's worth. In reality I have sifted throu almost all her books and not one of them have been a Ney York Times best selling book so my conclusion is that she has probably only had one book that actually went the distance and the rest are just mooching of that one books recognition. Nora Roberts especially since she has so many books out. You win an award or title for a book you win it for that book not all the other books you create latter, if theyr'e actually that good they will win theyr' own awards. All that aside I really like her as a author though I reccomend her, she writes mainly romance novels or those are the only type I mainly read form her.

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