Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jodi Piccolt

I have noticed similarities between this and My Sister's Keeper. She likes to bring law suits in her books (every single book shes written that I've read have included court) and both father mother and neglected sibling figures are all the same. Both fathers worked for the government in lifesaving jobs with low pay and were having financial issues. Both mothers were over bearing jpbless odue to the demading needs of their ill child and agressive villian characters. The fathers playing the gallant hero where in both books went against their wives in court. The difference between the siblings was My Sister's Keeper centered around one of the neglected siblings while Handle With Care centered around the ailing child that took away all the attention. In both stories I fell in lovbe with teh mothers and hated the fathers. Even the ends were similar she brings the story to a close and then kills the when or who your least expecting her to. That B*th! I mean what is her fixation on death why cant she have a happy end?! It's getting to the point where I think she just kills off a important charater vital to the stories happiness just to keep up appearences. It's no longer adding significance to the story thickening the plot or making it a beutiful mixture of delicate tradgedy, now it's just pointless and instead of leaving you in tears at the end due to its tragic beuty it leaves you crying tears of rage and cussing at Jodi. I enjoy Jodi Piccolts novvels but her endings are just getting to be too much for me.

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