Sunday, April 18, 2010

Handle With Care

This was by Jodi Poccolt so it was well written and entertaining but also had her signature depressing ending. Handle with Care is about a girl born with OI. OI stands for osteo something something basically all you need to know in the end is that it's a disease with no cure and it makes your bones so thin and fragile that they can break as easily as dry sphegetti. Like the girl in the book has stage three and it also prevents her from growing over 4"1" or something like that also due to the frequency of the breaks and her fragile bones she always wears braces needs a wheel chair and is often put in a uncomfortable full doy cast or at least it goes from the ribs past her legs. Because of all Willow's medical needs (thats her name) her parents are stripped for cash. Willow has a older sister who is always ignored because WIllow demands so much attention and her father works as a police. Basically Willow's mom used to be best friends with her baby doctor but being desperate for money she starts a law suit against her (piper) suing her for all of WIllow's medical expenses under the pretenses of wrongful birth. Basically that Piper didn't identify that the baby had OI soon enough so she could get an abortion. Her husband is dead against it and after she goes ahead with it any way he decides to jump sides and defend Piper against the law suit. Amelia her sister is having issues dealing with everything and becomes bulimic and a cutter, until Willow sees her cutting and tries to herself and almost kills herself in the pocess. Then Sean (the dad) finds out and gets Amelia help. The Lawsuit is hard on everyone Sean and the mother(I don't remember her name) are getting a divorce (they never go through with it though) and Willow has all her many breaks in between but iin the end The mom wins the law suit and Sean decides to stay and work things out. They made uup after they stayed the night together with WIllow at the hospital after she had a particularly bad break that required surgery. In the very, very end WIllow is supposed to go out and fetch Amelia so they can all go to a movie together (she had been break free for the longest time ever in her life) and she gets distracted by a frozen pond and decides to walk on it. The pond breaks and she drowns. This was the worst ending stupid it made me more mad than sad. I mean this was literally the last five pages.WT#@@!! That was so random!!! The whole book had been about how fragile she was and she could easily die in like ten other ways none that included drowniing!? What were you thinking she didn't even work up to it it was just killing for killings sake! They got the money to raise her and now she died from reason that didn't include her disease. Why did she decide to walk on the water!? There was no logical explanation I officially hate Jodi Piccolt.

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