Saturday, April 24, 2010


Because I already wrote an extremely long blog about Harry Potter I will now write about Pokemon. I was feeling particularly bored today after I was kicked out of the basement and away from the computer (located in the basement) so I did what any mature highschooler would and decided to dust of my gameboy and play some Pokemon. I was aslways and continue to be a impatient pokemon trainer. I could never train my pokemon for long periods of time so they could rack up expierience or wander in the caves until I battled my way out. If things got too hard or took too long I would deem it impossible and hand the gameboy to my sister to complete. So it was no surprise when I picked up two different games one of them mine where I was currently stuck in a cave I never fought my way out of and had a handful of weak pokemon. The other game was my sisters and the whole game was already done and her pokemon were all extremely rare and unbelievably strong. Discouraged after comparing the two I folowed my usual methods and erased my game entirely rather than working it out and started a new one that will inevitably be erased latter after I once again get impatient. Creating new beginings is always the most fun part to me, the making up names and finding new pokemon I just bore of it after a while and start a new game. In my whole life I think Iv'e onlty completed a whole game of Pokemon three times which is crazy if you take into account how obsessed I was about it when I was a kid. Everyday when my sister and I got home from school we would watch pokemon and I still have alol my pokemon cards, which I now want to get rid of but since it went out of wtyle so quickly no one wants them.

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