Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harry Potter

I wont bother describing the story plot or explaining the characters of Harry Potter to you because unless your a complete shut in who hates all things good in this world you already have read, watched or just know what Harry Potter is all about. I loved this series but am not a fanatic like some people I know. I can read the books with quiet appreciation but feel no overwhelming urge to shout out my love for the series to anyone who listens or wear clothing that sports young Mr. Potter and Severus Snape leaving no doubt to all who bear witness to my ensemble of my profound love for this piece of teenage literature. Although I enjoyed the series I somewhat hated the end, I was happy Harry was able to defeat Voldemort and all but was upset that one of the Weasley twins and Professor Lupen had to die. It was also upsetting that Dumbledor hadn't been quite the sweet quirky old man I thought him to be. I am not stupid and I know it would be ignorant of me to believe that you can have a all out battle with the dark lord and his minnions without a few casualties, even more stupid than believing in a school of witchcraft and wizardry in the first place, but if you had to kill someone I would of rather they killed of Neavil,Cho and if you had to kill someone in the Weasley family definetly Ginny, along with a assortment of secondary characters instead of one of the Weasley twins and Professor Lupin (especiallu the weasley twin). Other than that it pissed me off that Harry ended up with Ginny she used to be just a star struck fan of his, NEVER marry the fan girl!!! That is a definite rule and she's like a year or two younger than him I'd rather he end up with Cho! I'd rather J.K. Rowling had the dark Lord kill of Ginny in place of her brother to prevent the future matrimony of her and Harry. Oh and I'm rethinkin havind Cho killed she has to stay alive so she can fill Ginny's place. Another thing about the end that pissed me off was that they never say what Harry's job is in the futre, did he becaome and auror or whatever that is that slays bad things or some other job Professional Quiditch player perhaps? We'll never know!:( If I had to rewrite the end I might not have had him grow up at all just leave the end of him getting the girl after a long hard battle maybe skip ahead a few weeks and end it on a celebration where he is immortalized as a hero, I don't want him to grow up he has to stay young and promising for the rest f my life or I can think he is if the books ends with him still young and promising. It's harder to pretend he is still a infamous teenager when she ends with him being an adult with children.
It was always a battle to get hold of the Harry Potter books, I am a fast reader but so is my sister and father and we all were vying to be the first to read the book. When ever a new book came out my Mother would come home one day without prior notice she was going to buy the book and toss it on the table to see who got to it first. It was usually my sister but as soon as she set it down my dad would pick it up and get a good chunk of it read too but would soon have to set it down due to all the whinning my sister was aiming at him once she found out she no longer had possession of the book. I would usually sit back and let them duel it out but always quick to jump in if I ever found the book laying around ungaurded. My sister would finish within a day or two at most and then my father was next in line having already read half from the short periods of time my sister had left it out he would be done by the ned of the day or within twelve hours. i would then recieve the book and take precisely two days to finish the book with no one trying to steal it form me in the middle. We all be done befor the weeks end. This was the routing with every book except for the earlier ones because they were ahorter than the last ones we all finished them quicker.

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