Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mama Mia

I'm going to rag about mama mia for awhile seeing as I just got it from the library finished watching it and when my family went to ney york we went to see it on broadway so I felt that this topic will provide me plenty of material to work with. To start with I'll critique the movie a general overvue for any poor soul who hasn't watched it yet. Sophie is raised by a single mother trying to run an inn she is engaged to be married but wants her dad to walk her down the aisle. The problem is she doesn't know who her father is but after reading her mothers old diary she is able to eliminate it down to three possible sperm donars (just a phrase she was concepted by sexual transaction not a clinical sperm donation). She sends each of them letters inviting them to her weding but because none of them even know she exists she has to pretend it was her mom writing to them so they would come. Both her mom and herself have a close knit group or trio of friends. They're each comprised of three best friends and have all their own secrets and inside jokes, the groups of friends are very supportive to the mother and daughter duo.The mom and her two best buddies used to have a band but that does not apply in any direct way. Anyway all three of her fathers with completely different personalities show up and she attempts to hide them from her mother untill she can find out which one is her real father. The movie goes on she has bonding moments with them all her mother finds out and is furious and all the usual drama. Eventually all three men come to the conclusion that they are her father and will walk her down the aisle, but she refuses them all and instead decide to let her mother walk her down the aisle. Her mother rediscovers her feeling for one of the three dad's as fate would have it the most handsome one and one of her friends hooks up with one of the extra. At the wedding the mom confesses she actually has no clue which one is her father either and all three agree that they are happy with sharing her rather than taking DNA tests. Sophie and Sky (her fiance) decide at the alter that they dont want to marry but rather travel the world together and not to wat the wedding one of Sophies's dad canidates the one who still loves Donna (her mother) decides that he and Sophie;s mother should marry in her stead. Now I'll explain the characters and sub-plots. Donna Spophie's mothers best friends to begin with. There is a short less attractive than the others and wrote a cook book and would rather pursue adventure than men. There is a tall prettier one that has had multiple surgeries to look younger and more pretty she has also had numerous husbandsall ending in divorce after she sucks them dry. The daddy canidates there is Harry, he is a lawer who comes out as openly gay by the end of the movie (not the broadway stage version though) who is very lawerish if that can describe ones personality. There is also Bill who is the wild out dorrs man never wanting to get tied down, he ends up with Donna's less attractive friend the one who wrote the cook book. Finally there is Sam, Sam is the hottest of the all and the one who marries Donna. He left her to go break up with his fiance and when he came back she had already run off with one of the other two. Sophie is the same actress as the stupid one in mean girls who can predict the weather with her boobs. She has a okay singing voice and the only thing that upsets me about her is her boobs are too big for her body in my opinion. Sky her fiance is a hottie I love him and have nothing else to say about him. What makes me mad is they cast people like Meryl Streep who does a decent job but voice is definetly lacking they just cast her for the name the same thing with sam aka Harrison Ford just because he's famous and more attractive he is the main guy even though he cant sing. If this is a musical hire singers there are plenty let some new people get there chance to shine not the people who already have a name for themselves and are trying to prove that they are multi talented and can sing when they actually cant. Her friend who is into plastic surgery also has a thing with a younger as in Sophie's aged fuy it was slightly disturbing. The broadway version was great eveeryone was great singers and if anything it was too loud. I definetly prefer Broadway

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