Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a stupid jogger!

So this happened just this past week. It was the one day this week that it was below freezing in the morning and you were required to actually scrape your windows. I being of a lazy dispostion and running slightly late failed to properly clear my right window (this was the biggest instigator to the incedent) half my front window and all my left window. I had had to stop on the side of our private dirve by the stop sign leading to the main road to rescrape all my windos becaus the were once again forming a thin layer of ice. This naturally put me even more behind schdule so when I pulled out to the stop sign I looked lef for oncoming traffic and jetted out. I wouldn't have noticed anything if it weren't for the loud prfanity aimed towrds my car. I braked and looked right through a baddly scraped off right window at a very angry jogger. He was as mad as I have ever seen anyone and based on his proximity I'd have to say that I came dangerously close to hitting him. He was waving his arms screaming "what the HELL!@!!!#!!" WHAT THE HELL@##$%??!!!!!!!!" and inbetween the frequent cussing delivering a self riteous message about pulling out with out looking. He was so close to my door and slightly banging on the door that was locked thank god! I was scared out of my mind of him and I believe if I didn't kill him he was going to kill me. I screamed a quick apology through the door there was no way I was actually opening a window and sped off. Leaving him to finish his jog.

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