Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd Library trouble

This one was a little more dramatic than my first and a litlle bit more dangerous too. First of all it happened when I had my foriegn exchange student over and was taking her to the library, of course this time I had successfully arrived at the library took my time browsing and had plenty of books even though it doesn't really apply with the story. On the way back I missed my single turn similarly to the first time but with more traumatic reprecussions. I stupidly kept on going straight waiting for something to pop out of seem familiar even though I could clearly tell that I should have been home by now and the area was progressively becoming more shady and dark. I kept going still thinking that okay after this block therell be the road that leads me home but it never came and I kept thinking it would as the situation kept on getting worse. I eventually came to my sense4s and said I had to turn around but in my panic I failed to realize I was now on a one way and pulled into a quick driveway oulled back out and started heading up the way I came the wrong direction up a one way. For Airi's (my foriegn exchange student)part she was quiet the whole time she didn't even scream when a car started coming at us head on. Luckily there was a small parkinglot just to my right that I was able to quickly slip into with a minimum amount of honking (we were the only two on the road at the time). After I caught my breath I headed back on the road the right direction this time so I was then forced to go farther in the wrong direction until I could turn off the one way. I was able to spot a gas station slash laundromat (they were connected) that were lkocated near the sip and stir (a bar) and I pulled in parked and called my dad. My phone was fully charged this time! I described my surrounding to him and he was able to deduce that I had somehow managegs to get all the way to first Ave. Downtown Cedar Rapids form Hiawatha. He had to come all the way down there and we folowed him back home. When esplaing top my parent how exactly I got there which I am still kind of fuzzy on and sparing no detail I might of missed out the one way incedent and since Airi had very litle way to communicate I wan't too worried about her spilling it even though I should have been. She tried to tell my parent about it later but all she could say was one way and I pretended to be just as confused as my parents and didn't properly translate. Latter though when some frinds came over and I had had to retell the story Airi wanting to add her part drew a nice picture of my truck going the wrong way up a one way. The picture was soon shared with my parents and I was banned from driving to the library by myself untill I had properly gone with a parent a couple times. I have since then had five successful solo trips to the Hiawatha library.

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