Sunday, April 11, 2010

!st library trouble

So I think I will go back to driving for however many blogs it takes to bring you up to date with my latest and greatest driving excapades. To begin I need to alaborate how simple it is to get to the Hiawatha library and back from my house, you just go straight and take one left turn till you get there vice versa for the way back. But I believe I have mentioned before i lack directional sense and the first time I tried to get there by myself I managed to get terribly loss but not as badly lost as I got the second time (yes there was a second time). I somehow miss my one turn and the long short of it end up driving around Cedar Rapids for a half hour waste a quarter tank of of gas untill I miraculously find myself at my church which happens to be on the total opposite side of town than than my intended destination. I was seriously scared out of my mind the whole time everything was dark and the buildings were all lighted up so I couldn't recognize them. All around me were roads that seemed familiar of right and I knew that if i followed the road it would lead me to somewhere I'd been before or was familiar with but I couldn't remember where. My phone had convieniently died so there was no way I could contact my parents for help, luckily I was able to drive calm and collecetedly despite my raging fears and I admit there were tears of confusion and frustration mixed in too. I drove on instinct I think at one point I ended up at my pino teachers house but like I mentioned earlier I ultimately ended up at the church and was then able to get home. After being properly comforted by my parents my mother agreed to take me to the library so I got to go after all but didn't have to drive it ended happily.

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