Monday, March 8, 2010

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Exposed

I have read two of the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books and though I found them amusing when I was younger I have to say they are utterly preposterous! The front will show a plump stouter version of Mary Popins doing a happy little jig or some other merry pose surrounded by all the unruly children she helped tame or some other variation of that. The stories center around this very same grandma like figure as she help struggling young moms in the neighborhood cure their children’s bad habits or nature. To my knowledge she has cured bullying, avoidance of baths, sharing issues, arguing sisters, tinny bite takers, not cleaning your room, and sickness fakers. Of all these what made me loose faith in Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and her unconventional cures was how she cured the girl who refused to take a bath. Basically she told the mother not to force her to take a bath and let her daughter collect dirt until she was covered with enough o plant a garden. She was then instructed to plant turnip seeds on her daughter’s outer coat of dirt and pick them once they’ve grown. The point was to get the girl so disgusted with herself that she wanted a bath. When I was yo0unger this story fascinated me and left me wondering why I couldn't just grow a small garden upon myself but now it's impossibility and outrageousness disgusts me. Another one of her questionable cures was when a boy took tiny bites when he ate and took forever, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle told his mother to give him a smaller plate, utensils and portions each getting smaller daily, effectively starving the child until he agreed to eat normally. I hate to be a downer (who am I kidding I love being the downer!) on good childish fun but I felt the fraud that is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle needed to be addressed. Did I mention she lives n an upside down house? Ridiculous!

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