Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jane Eyre Continued

My last blog being about the pains of working in a reading group this one is going to be about the actual book. I generally enjoyed Jane Eyre it reminded me somewhat of Jane Austen’s work but a bit darker without the clean cut happy ending. I hated the way Jane Eyre ended and I will give you a warning now I am going to spoil it for anyone reading this so if you ever plan on reading Jane Eyre and are one of those people who don’t like others spoiling the ends of things (I am not) stop reading now. It goes like this Jane Eyre falls for her boss who is old and ugly and they are about to marry when everyone discovers that Mr. Rochester (the old ugly boss man) already has a wife who is crazy and he keeps locked up in the far corner of his house. Jane Eyre runs away and meets her hot age appropriate cousin who she didn’t know she had who also offers her marriage. He want to take Jane as his wife to travel around the world as a missionary. Jane also in this time finds out even though she though herself a penniless orphan all her life she is actually got a nice inheritance. Jane stupidly leaves her cousin goes back to Mr. Rochester who during this time his house caught on fire and as he heroically saved everyone inside got hurt in the process losing a eye and leaving him crippled. Making him a cradle robbing, lecherous, decrepit, unsightly, one eyed (which is just disgusting!), arrogant creep. Congratulations Jane you turned down a exciting life of travel with a hot young preacher for a lifetime with a revolting, demanding old coot who will need constant care and will still most likely die thirty years before you. When I brought up my opposition of the ending the teacher dismissed my ideas saying she thought I had missed the point. I still get mad whenever I think about it I mean he is obviously revolting how can you even stand to be next him let alone share a bed!? He could be your father! I recommend about three fourths of this book, read the first three fourths of it and quit, I mean don’t even bother you will be eternally pissed at the author who I don’t remember but I know that I hate her for making Jane suffer such a cruel fate.

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