Monday, January 18, 2010

My Sister's Keeper

I adored this book! As much as I love happy, clean-cut endings where all the main characters find everlasting love, nothing can beat the occasional, bitter-sweet, tragic demise of the main characters at the end. My Sister's Keeper has a surprise ending you prepare yourself the entire novel for Kate to die the death she was destined to and then suddenly the story pulls a 360 and kills of Anna instead. This is basically the story. Anna’s parents had her so that they could use her to save their older daughter who had cancer; Anna goes to a lawyer to claim medical emancipation so she will no longer be used. They go through a long trial packed with a lot of drama. Anna achieves medical emancipation but it is learned that Kate has actually asked her to do this so Anna would no longer be forced to keep her alive. But soon after her hard fought victory Anna gets in a car wreck and is brain dead. They take her organs and give them to her sister and others.Although I love the tragedy and drama of this end, it leaves me incredibly pissed at Anna's mother. The mother completely ignores her other children and uses Anna shamelessly without the slightest twinge of guilt, she was born for that purpose so she better serve it. Anna is robbed of a regular childhood and friends because of her mother and even though her sister is the sick one she ended up getting more of a childhood in the end. Anna died without ever going to a dance or feeling romance, while Kate (Anna’s sister was able to experience both of these with a fellow cancer patient (who tragically died). Besides her mom I loved the rest of Anna's family. Her brother while being a troubled delinquent had a special bond with Anna that was exclusively Anna's and his Kate may have always demanded the most attention but this one thing she was left out of. Anna’s father took care of her and not just Kate. At the beginning he’s the only one who notices and cares that Anna is acting weird her mom just shrugs it off, as a impossibility that Anna could have any problems. Anna’s aunt was also very cool, I liked how she seemed to have everything in control and showed affection for all of her nieces and nephews not just the sick one. By the time I reached the end of this book I was openly weeping, you just get so wrapped up in Anna’s character that it’s hard not to be sad by the sudden loss of it.

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