Sunday, January 31, 2010

He’s not that Into You

This is possibly the best chick flick of all time! It is roughly based on a book though I will elaborate more on this fact later. In the movie there are many important and semi main characters but the main, main one would definitely be Gigi. Gigi is desperate, adorable, needy and clingy young woman who can’t keep a man to save her life. While Gigi is stalking her most recent love interest she meets a hot bartender (who is also known as the Mac guy on the commercials or the PC I don’t remember the hot one) who lays out the laws of attraction for her. He bluntly tells her that his friend (the guy she’s stalking) is not interested in her as was every guy she’s ever been with. The law of attraction states that Gigi and all females in general are considered the rule until proven otherwise a lucky few are the exception. The rule is many rules combined like don’t expect a guy to change for you if he is a player he will most likely remain so and if a guy likes you he will make it happen so you shouldn’t call needlessly and obsess over it if he doesn’t call he doesn’t like you or is just interested in sex and will not pursue further contact afterwards. Gigi’s friend who is married is having marital troubles her husband is cheating on her with a slut. The slut then has two friends the boy who is a friend is romantically interested in the slut but the slut is only interested in Gigi’s friends husband. The sluts other friend (Drew Barrymore) convinces the slut that she is an exception, the rule doesn’t apply to her and Gigi’s friends husband will divorce his wife (Gigi’s friend) for her. The slut’s friend boy who is crushing on her is also friends with Mac/PC-guy who is shamelessly being used by the slut is a realtor who pretends to be gay to appeal to a mainly gay based customer base and uses Drew Barrymore as his advertiser to display his ads on the gay/lesbian section in the news paper. Jenifer Aniston is also part of the rule she plays a coworker of Gigi and her friend who has the cheating husband and is living with her boyfriend of a long time (multiple years) who happens to be friends with the cheating husband, and refuses to marry Jenifer Aniston. According to the rule that means that he will never want to marry her and that she shouldn’t expect him to change so after hearing the rule Jenifer Aniston dumps him and goes to work helping her sister with her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately Jenifer Aniston’s dad has an untimely heart attack while Jenifer Aniston is overwhelmed cleaning up after all her sisters and their lazy husbands, her ex-boyfriend shows up and helps showing his loyalty to her and she gladly accepts him back. He later proposes to her at the end of the movie. Meanwhile The slut rejects her friend boy and the cheating husband gets rejected by his wife and all three the husband, wife and slut all end up alone at the end of the movie. Gigi goes back to her boy crazed ways and accuses the Mac/PC guy of harboring secret feelings for her he immediately rejects her and after an argument they lose contact. Gigi gets her act together and starts dating normally but Mac/PC guy realizes he actually likes her he returns and sweeps her off her feet. When Gigi asks him about the rule he proves her to be the exception. Drew Barrymore also gets together with the slut’s friend boy. In the end there are many happy couples and one happy independent woman (Gigi’s friend with the cheating husband) and two generally unhappy cheating whores.
Since I loved the movie so much I fervently searched for the book at the nearest library with the help of a very nice librarian I finally found it. I was disappointed when I first got the book because it seemed very small, I was curious as to how they could fit a whole movie with a complicated plot I soon found out that it didn’t The book is nothing more than an advice column of random girls writing in asking why guys didn’t like them. There was no plot no characters just simple ask and answer columnists work. I strongly recommend the movie but don’t even attempt to get the book it’s not worth your time.

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