Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Mice And Men

I personally loved this story. It always shocks me to find that the majority of my classmates do not share my enthusiasm for this novel. My favorite character was Slim, He was respected by everyone even Curly the arrogant, Ranch owner’s son listened to him. Of course that isn’t the only reason I liked him best, he was also very cool, level headed, kind, and I really liked the name Slim. Slim and George had a really great relationship he appreciated the way George looked after Lenny and the sacrifices he had to make to do and he also enjoyed having another intellectual person to converse with. Slim usual being surrounded by brawny simple minded workers so smart and calculating George must have been a nice change of pace for Slim. I also really like George and Lenny’s relationship, at fist it seems like George is being mean and taking advantage of Lenny but as you read on you realize all the underlying kindness in George’s harshness towards Lenny, it’s all just to protect Lenny. Lenny is really strong and huge but he is mentally retarded and causes George a lot of trouble. George is intelligent and resourceful if he didn’t have Lenny to take care of he could be doing very fine for himself instead of skipping from town to town every time Lenny accidently attacks a hooker or something. The ending is probably the real reason this is one of my favorites. At the end Lenny accidently breaks Curley’s slut of a wife's neck (she totally deserved it) and everyone gets together a hunting party to find Lenny so Curley can kill him. George doesn’t join the party instead he goes off on his own to where he knows Lenny is hiding to kill him himself. George meets Lenny at the lake-like place and tells him all about the house they were going to buy where he could raise his rabbits before shooting Lenny in the back of the head. The search party soon finds George and Lenny after hearing the gun shot. They are all impressed by how George was able to take down such a big man by himself. Only Slim realizes how hard it was for George to kill Lenny he tells George he had to do it and offers to get a drink with him. As they leave the other guys all wonder why he is so upset. The last line is something like “I wonder what’s bothering them”.

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