Sunday, January 24, 2010


I found transfiguration really hard to follow. One moment she would be in her house observing a spider behind the toilet then she’s camping and it ends in her classroom. What confused me is that she writes in present tense at both the beginning and the end making it hard to arrange everything in a time sequence. Annie Dillard’s description of the insects and their actions is amazingly detailed. When she talked about the burning moth and all the dead bugs it was so descriptive. I was slightly skeptical as to if she really noticed all that. I believe she might have briefly observed it and upon later thought embellished on the story. Throughout the whole story it hinted at a deeper meaning. The whole story was one big analogy, I didn’t fully understand what the analogy was though it had something to do with the writing process. I was thinking that the moths may be inspiration that comes and goes in quick flashes and the one that stayed and burned was a brilliant idea. I found this story creepy but it takes talent to invoke those strong emotions in your readers. I don’t know what feelings the author meant for her readers to have while reading or how she even came up with such a abstract idea, but with all the different genres out there sometimes it’s nice to be creeped out every once in a while.

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