Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture Perfect

By: Jody Picoult or however you spell her name. I really like this book except for the end. It is about a anthropologist who is married to a movie star husband who abuses her. Alex (the most sought after actor in America) due to his unpleasant past and father issues beats Cassie (the anthropologist with her own unpleasant past] but he really loves her with all his heart. I loved Cassie and Alex’s relationship (beside the abuse) and was really disappointed in the end when she divorces him to save their baby from having to witness him beat her all the time. The story goes that Alex and Cassie meant in Africa she was on an excavation and was also consulting on Alex’s movie where he played and Archeologists. They fell in love and married, returned to America and were happily married with the occasional beating for three years. After three years though Alex beat Cassie too hard and she run away to protect the baby inside her that she couldn’t tell Alex about but develops amnesia due to a previous hear wound. After a kind cop finds her and develops feeling for her Alex claims her as his wife he starts working on restoring her memory. Unfortunately for Ales Cassie dose get all her memory back and runs away to have her baby away from Alex. Cassie runs away to the kind cop who takes care of her while she has her baby. After the baby is born she returns to Alex who has been distraught without her and risked his career in his depression. Once she returns Alex tries his best to control his destructive tendencies though his over controlling and abusive nature soon resurfaces and forces Cassie to publicly divorce him and start a new life for her and her son. This was very depressing to me I was personaly hoping Alex would be able to change his ways and him Cassie and the son would all live happily ever after. But this is Jody Picoult and she never has a happy ending as far as I can tell.

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