Sunday, October 11, 2009

The 1st attempt

The very first time I went to test drive I was very optimistic. My sister who had to test drive before me had to take the test two times before passing on her third try and I was determined to beat her and pass the first try. I kept up this foolish thinking during the long wait in line then in the hours wait in the uncomfortable blue seats and throughout the entire course of the actual drive. I was never informed of my failure until the very end. The sadistic DOT lady that was the first of many to break my spirit had me complete the entire route all the while thinking that I was doing good and was going to proudly walk out of the station that day holding my driver’s license and of course in my mind I had taken a fabulous picture too. After I had finished the route and was done parking I was told that I had not passed, I was not immediately discouraged and politely asked how close I had come to passing or what score I had received. I was pretty confident that I had come close because I did not see her write down much throughout the course of the drive. She then told me that I didn’t actually have a score and she had failed me in the parking lot before she even had a chance to begin to think about grading me. This would probably be the reason why I didn’t see her comment much on her sheet about my driving. Good thing I am used to failure though because I was able to quickly shake it off and laugh at my own incompetence which was a good thing because everyone else was too. The reason for my failure was that I didn’t come to a full stop at the cross walk. I slowed down to a very slow crawl before turning right but there was a cross walk not visible to me from my angle directly to the right that I was supposed to completely stop at.

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