Sunday, October 11, 2009

The ever Daunting DOT

So I guess I should get started on my drives with the DOT. This marks the beginning of the end for my blog. I should be able to sum up all my drives with the DOT in two to three entries tops or at least all my current up to date drives it is still an ongoing procedure. I have not attempted another drive with the DOT recently, I usually get up at around seven am on Saturdays to be able to get a driving slot but ever since marching band has started I either have work or a competition every Saturday. Marching season is over very shortly so the DOT ladies can start looking forward to my weekly visits again. I have frequented the driver’s license station a total of six times, and tested four times. Of the four times I have never once made it out of the parking lot. This is the part of my blog when it might be beneficial to others who by whatever unfortunate circumstance have to drive with the DOT to listen and learn. Some skeptics are probably dead set against the idea of learning any aspect even remotely related to driving from me. But I will have you know that you can really listen and learn from my abundant failures and believe me there will most likely be more to come. There is no limit to how many times you can take the test but every time you take it and fail the test driver has to sign your sheet my sheet has exactly four signatures on it two of the from the same lady. That’s another thing there are no DOT men there are only women usually slightly too old to be considered middle aged but still too young to be considered senior citizens all sporting short hairdos usually in the ever popular grandma perm. But enough dishing about the DOT ladies I left off somewhere around there being no limit to how many time you have to take the test. Though there is no limit I have given myself one anyway if it takes me more than ten times to pass I am going to have to start looking for other drivers license stations I can test at. It will get to be very problematic for me if I have to drive with the same person too many times , I don’t want any of the ladies getting too familiar with me. I have already had to drive with the same lady once and she remembered me. Any way now since you all know where I stand on the license issue I will start blogging about my actual DOT drives next blog.

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