Thursday, October 8, 2009

The perfect car!

I was told that I had to start being more creative with my blog and adding images. This is the perfect time to tell you about my dream car. I will get this out of the way before I begin writting about all my DOT attempts. As you have probably guessed by now the jeep to the left is my dream car. Well I lied I don't want this specific jeep but it is the closest i could find to my dream car. I am very picky about how my car should look. First of all I want a jeep, maybe a slightly older model than this one, and I want it to be yellow. not that pretty yellow used in baby's rooms but a grungy yellow that no one would want to paint their walls with. The shade doesn't have to be exact though because I'm planning on it being so rusty and dirty you can only see splotches of color here and there. Of course I would need a cover to put on it when it got colder but in general I don't want it to have doors just roll bars. Make no mistake this is not going to be a smooth ride either, I want it to run just as good as it's outward appearance. Of course I don't want it to beak down on me just be a bumpy ride in need of the occasional tune up to keep it going. You can't buy them the way I want them so I would like it to buy it used and hopefully foe cheap! You may think I am making this up, why would anyone want a car like the one I just described? But then you would be mistaken this has been my dream car for a couple years now and if you knew who I was you could ask any of my friends or family. The reasons behind my odd tastes is I want something that I will love and value that no one else could possibly see why or hold as dearly as I do. I also would feel very ostentatious and spoiled if I ever drove around in a brand new car. Driving around in a new expensive car would tend to make me very paranoid. I would think that everyone who so much as glances at me is judging me for owning a fancy vehicle. Besides in my eyes even the shiniest convertible could never hold a candle to my jeep. When I say My jeep I mean my dream jeep I currently own no vehicle or a license to drive one.

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