Thursday, October 15, 2009

The 2nd attempt

The second time was two Saturday after the first attempt. I had went in the Saturday directly after the first attempt but after waiting and hour to be called I was informed that the only driving time they had available was the exact same time I had to work. I had to decline. So technically the third time I went in and the second test drive I did I was still painfully optimistic. I was still determined that I was going to beat my sisters record and pass this time (she passed on her third time). I was happy I hadn't been given the same DOT lady as before, and this one was slightly less intimidating rocking a grandma perm. I had to wait approximately a half hour in line, an hour and a half to be called and given a time slot and told to come back in an hour. My father and I chilled in the library for and hour before coming back to wait fifteen minutes to actually drive. I went through all the necessary checks and passed with flying colors reversed out of my parking space smoothly and made sure to stop completely at the stop light that had failed me last time. I even made sure to jerk the DOT's head a little on my stops so they would know without a doubt that I had come to a complete stop. I made it to the stop sign that leads outside the parking lot. There was currently a car stopped at the stop sign so I stopped behind the car and when the car ahead made the turn I went forward to the stop sign made a stop complete with a little head jerk to let her know the car was no longer in motion. I checked left then right then left again and turned onto the street. I was feeling confident and was going to leave with a license today unfortunately almost as soon as I had hit the street she said in a not so sensitive tone "yeah, I just failed you right there" She then told me to pull into the parking lot across the street, turn around and head back to the drivers license station. In the parking lot the Lady tried to have a heart to heart with me which I was absolutely not about to do. She explained why I failed and tried to elaborate. Apparently I stopped at the stop sign but was supposed to go forward to white line after the stop sign and stop again and then complete the turn. I argued my point which was stupid of me but I was pretty annoyed. She was all like"Do you understand" and I was just like "yeah yeah lets go back. I purposely said it in a tone that gave the appearance that I didn't really understand though and just wanted to move on. She then tried to stop and make sure I had it she even suggested explaining it to my dad to explain to me. But I vetoed it and said in a nice tone that I would find out and lets just get back. By saying this on the surface it gives off the appearance that I am a hard worker and willing to find out by myself but in reality I was just denying her help. I did this and at every possible chance shot the DOT laddie a dirty glare which I don't think she even noticed. I took the embarrasing walk of shame back into the building from where I had parked to collect my father and go. I laughed it off told my dad the results as if they were a joke and proceeded to immediatly blame the DOT people for my failure and of course I was totaly and completely blameless of the entire ordeal. It was all just a cruel joke on me, the whole License station teaming up against me. Of course I knew that I was actually at fault but you can never admit it.

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