Sunday, October 4, 2009

The blog after the main blog

I just wrote an extremely lengthy paper talking about my final drive and I have used up all my creativity and writing power. This probably has something to do with the fact that I didn’t properly portion out my time this week and I have to do this along with a butt load of other homework I’m supposed to already have done all on Sunday. But the whole point of this is that I do not blame you if you just look at the intimidating length of my previous blog and skip on to the next one I would do the same thing if this were not my own blog. I am not very concerned seeing as the only readers of my blog are my teacher and a select few friends who I have a strong suspicion don’t actually read it but are my followers none the less to support me in my writing endeavors, my friends are the best! I have a little fewer than three hundred words until I fill my quota for this week so I will fill it up with meaningless chatter and hope no one reads my next two entries. On a side not I am about to be kicked out of the basement by my mother who obviously has more right to it then me because she bought the house so I am going to cut this off here because the only computer is downstairs.

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