Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 1st drive

The first indication that I was unquestionably a very talented driver was my first time being in the driver's seat of a car. My mother had taken me to an empty parking lot right after receiving my permit on the second try. I put the car into drive and was very alarmed that it moved without me touching the gas. I screamed and took my hands off the wheel and wailed loudly that I didn't do anything. My mother had to take the wheel and explain that I was not at fault. I wondered why we even needed gas pedals and if I'd even need to use mine at all if the car moved so quickly on its own. I now have discovered a need for speed and have come to realize that what I experienced that first day was not fast at all. That was one of the last times my mother took me driving, for the rest of my driving career or at least until I achieve my official license my dad has to supervise my driving. My second time driving we had witnesses and they will never let me forget. I was reversing for the first time out of our driveway (that is very tricky) and one of the neighbors was out. It started out fine until my father failed to mention to me I had to turn the wheel. When I finally turned the wheel we were half on the driveway half on the grass. I turned the wheel the wrong direction and we ended up in the middle of our lawn. From there I backed up into our cold sac missing the driveway completely. While I was panicking my sister who was in the back noticed my neighbor go fetch his brother to watch the spectacle who the retrieved their father to watch the show. They arrived just in time to see the big finale. Once in the cold sac I was about to drive forward to reach the road, I pressed down hard on the gas pedal to make a quick escape. But I had failed to properly change gears and the direction of the wheel so I just ended up going in a full circle multiple times. While we were spinning around I again took my hands off the steering wheel and began to scream for my life. My sister joined me in my screaming while my dad tried to take control of the wheel. Of course I being the brilliant person I am, that in my panic had not let up on the gas but pressed down harder. So this was an amazing feat performed by my dad to be able to take control of the situation. When all was under control again you could hear all the neighbors laughing from a safe distance away.

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