Sunday, September 27, 2009

Which one is the Brake?

I’m going to take a one blog break from my final drive because I only have approximately three hundred words left to use and I want to save the final, final drive for next week. This will be a accumulation of driving mistakes I have experienced, as many as it takes to fill three hundred word worth. The first one is when my dad and I got lost attempting the school drive route Dory had emailed me the night before. He wanted me to pull up against the curb behind a parked car so he could look at a map. I still don’t know how this happened but I somehow suddenly forgot what pedal was the gas and what on was the brake. I accidently pressed the gas instead and immediately switched pedals when the car lurched forward. But me being rather stupid switched pedals again. I was having difficulties determining what pedal did what I was switching between the two so quickly my brain couldn't keep up. It must have looked really weird to someone outside seeing us lurch forward and slam back getting closer and closer to the parked car ahead. By the time I actually remembered what pedal did what I had to slam the brake down so hard it threw us back into the street, much to the surprise to the driver passing us at the time. We avoided an accident but I got honked at again. In the end I think I was actually partially touching the parked cars bumper. That was a close one! My second one is yet another braking issue. I was stopped at a stop sign and it wasn’t like I wasn’t paying attention or anything because I looked both ways I guess I just didn’t notice the huge truck I should’ve waited for. So I pull out and am racking up speed when I notice the truck that is honking at me. I do some quick calculation and decide that my best bet of avoiding an accident are to speed up and get out of the way rather than stop and be hit. This was a poor decision on my part because I had just sped up when I realized I wasn’t going to make it. I immediately punched down my brakes and the truck sped up just barely saving his nice paintjob. I got to hear a few choice words yelled by him as he passed us and I could swear he was shaking on fist.

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