Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a great friend!

I will now begin the Drivers Ed portion of my blog. For this part of my driving career I would like to give all the credit to my amazing driving buddy! She saved my grade and in exchange I endangered he life. It was a great deal on my part, but my partner got very few, if any benefits. If you haven’t guessed already, (which I can almost bet my life that you haven’t, seeing as I have not even in the least attempted to give you a general description of her)my partners name is Victoria. Victoria is an awesome driver. I am ashamed to say that I was not above peeking at her driving scores and I can personally vouch for her flawless driving grade. This is very impressive compared to my five out of ten driving average, maybe seven points on a good day. Tory saved my butt on our school drive, she did all the work for me. The point of the school drive is you have a time limit to pass all the schools in the area you can. You get points for each one you drive by within the time limit. Halfway through you have to switch partners. Tory planned our entire route. I made some shallow attempt of a route, but we obviously went with Tory’s more superior route. (This may be the right time to mention that I am severely directionally challenged). In her route she planned for a driver 1 and a driver two. Driver one passed almost all of the schools, while driver two was left with plenty of spare time to get back to Kennedy and pass a total of two schools including Kennedy. I was driver two. With my simplified route, you would think that I wouldn’t have any troubles, but you would be mistaken. Pulling out of gas station where we changed drivers I was about to stop behind a car stopped at a light to start my route when another car pulled in behind the first car and in front of me, leaving me no room to straighten out. The problem here is that when the car pulled in front of me I was straddling the divider of a two way lane about to take my place on the right side of it. To make matters worse the cars ahead of me wouldn’t be moving to make room for me until the light turned green and this was turning out to be a very long light. So when I said I was straddling the divider I meant I was completely sideways (about to straighten out)blocking two lanes of traffic, and one of them had a green light and was heading straight at me. It was then that Mr. Wilden my Driver’s Ed teacher had me pull into the parking lot opposite of me to get out of traffic, forcing me to then reverse back out onto the same busy road. I had to use up all the extra time Tory had provided for me just waiting for a break in traffic long enough for me to get back onto the road. Needless to say without Tory’s help I would have failed Drivers Ed miserably. This whole story was just to prove what a selfless kindred soul Tory is. In my later entries I may fail to mention and give Tory quite as much credit as is due, because I am a very vain person and tend to only think of myself, especially when recalling memories. I am just making sure that even when I don’t say it, you all know that Tory plays a big part in my driving success.

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