Sunday, September 27, 2009

Practice makes Perfect

Mr. Tilden recommended running through your route around four times to make sure you got it memorized. I ended up running it roughly eight times not including all the times I got so horribly lost or missed an important exit, and we ended up giving up halfway through and starting over (this happened rather frequently). I’ll attempt to give you a description of the route. It was full of multiple lane changes within one block before you had another multiple lane change to go the opposite direction. There was one tricky part where I goofed up a lot especially when it got dark out and it got harder to see the lines. I was supposed to turn left at an intersection onto a four-lane street. Two of the four lanes went in the opposite direction of my desired direction and the third was a turning land turning left. The fourth one was the one I wanted and it was also the farthest away and the smallest. Basically it was really bad to accidently end up in any of the other lanes. So naturally that is exactly what I did. I accidently turned into the turning lane that was turning directly into me, that was to the immediate left of my desired lane. This was a bad thing. I could see the car headed for me so I freaked out and veered the car into the lanes farther left. Those lanes happened to be the two that were going in the opposite direction of mine or in other words zooming straight towards me. I had to then pull the car out of the dangerous oncoming traffic (which were by now making good use of their horns) and into the dangerous turning lane and then into my proper place where my dad had us stop at the nearest stopping point and calm down. We then started from the beginning again and I proceeded to make the exact same mistake again. My dad wasn’t so understanding the second time. Even though it was all my fault I must also commend myself for remaining cool headed the whole time. If I had just frozen or freaked out and not have reacted so quickly we probably would have caused a major traffic accident. I am happy to report though, that I have never made that same mistake again. I have thoroughly learned my lesson.

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