Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Make-Up Session

I took Drivers Ed during winter term. One day there was an early dismissal due to bad weather conditions. This happened to fall on a test day. On test days all you have to do is come in and take the test and leave when you’re done. You usually end up leaving twenty minutes to a half hour early. However as we were leaving early due to bad weather, I thought that seventh hour would be canceled too. I mean the announcements said leave as soon as possible. Well it turns out Mr. Wilden was still holding class and around half the class who thought the same as me were missing. Not only did I now have to make up a test, I also had to make up an entire class period. Whereas if I had not missed the class I would have only had to stay half an hour. Being caught up in the injustice of it all made up my test in under half an hour, and immediately forgot about the hour of class time I had to make up. This approach did not serve me well, because towards the end of the trimester when all the makeup Drivers Ed courses at Kennedy were long over, I was still missing an hour of class time I needed to pass. Linn Mar was the only high school still offering makeup Driver's Ed Courses. I had to get my parents to drive me all the way out to Linn Mar to make up my missing hour. But apparently Linn Mar hadn’t been notified that they were still giving makeup courses because when I arrived there I was greeted by a confused janitor who said all the teachers had already left. While I was chilling with the janitorial staff I was joined by another slacker who had missed a Driver’s Ed class for whatever reason. We both started following the janitor around as he checked all the rooms where the class should have been held. We were joined by yet another student here for the same purpose. Seeing the growing number of us, the janitor was convinced that we weren’t all just mistaken on the time and location, but there was actually a class planned. The janitor checked a schedule that confirmed there was indeed a class scheduled to be taking place. He had to call the Driver’s Ed teacher at his home to come back to school to complete the rest of our hour which was already half over. We were then ushered to a room where we were to work on homework supervised by the janitor until the teacher arrived. The teacher apologized upon arrival and proceeded to show us a video on the value of giving away all your vital organs. A few notes at the end: the janito we hung out with was really nice, and i appreciate his help. And there is also nothing wrong with being a organ donor. When I get my license I fully intend to be one.

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