Thursday, September 24, 2009

Code Names

I have just been informed that I was not supposed to reveal the name of my teacher and friends, so from now on I will be using code names. Mr. Wilden will be referred to as Mr. Tilden and Tory will be known as Dory. If I accidentally slip up and use their actual names please forgive me, I am used to calling my friends and teachers by their appropriate titles. So in case I confused you by the sudden switch in names (for security purposes) I will use them in a sentence. Mr. Tilden was my Drivers Ed teacher that you should all feel sorry for, and Dory is my superb Driver’s Ed partner that single handedly, with little to no help from me got us both through that class. Thanks Dory! Regretfully since I have never once mentioned my name in this blog and made this blog under a fake name I have no need of a codename. This is very unfortunate because codenames make me feel like an ultra cool secret spy! I have now protected Mr. Tilden and Dory’s identity (which wouldn’t have been in any danger if I hadn’t endangered it in the first place) and replaced them with super secret codenames that I’m sure no one will figure out. So please don’t even attempt to for multiple reasons.

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